How Are People and Pets in This Country the Same or Different From People and Pets in Your Native Country?

People in the U.S. like pets. People in my country--Ukraine--like pets too. It's the same. But the difference is in taking care of pets. In the U.S. it's easier, because here there is a lot of special food for them, many things for cleaning, toys for playing, things for comfortable living for pets. There are many pet clinics for the treatment of pets, and a lot of medicine for pets. There are even hotels where pets can live during your vacation. In Ukraine, all of it was a problem. Old people don't have money for taking care of pets. Many pets in my native country don't have an owner.--Alla

Before in our country, the government didn't allow us to feed dogs and any pets. We only could feed cats and fish, but now we can have dogs. We can feed many pets, such as turtles, monkeys, rabbits, and so on. In our country now so many people don't want to have a baby, they like to feed dogs. But in our country, nobody feeds the homeless cats and dogs. In America, it made me surprised. Many people feed and take care of homeless cats. They like pets and they don't eat pets. It's the law.--Louise

In my country, people have cats and dogs too. But I don't like cats and dogs, because it is too much trouble with them. In my country people have very small apartments. My friend had a collie. She was very smart and very beautiful, but she had very long hair and the floor was dirty.--Leya

In my country, Argentina, all the people have at least one pet. This can be a bird, a dog, or a cat. I had a neighbor who had seven cats, because she liked them too much. Another neighbor had one dog and two birds. I really think this story could have happened in Argentina, because all the dogs or cats are in the street, and they can run in ahead of you, and enter your house.--Alicia

Dogs in this country are a little different than in my native country. First, I have to tell you that I lived in the countryside, not in the city. In this country dogs have their own food. In my country, we don't have special food for dogs. We just feed them rice and some kind of meat like fish or pork. In this country, when people go out with dogs, the dog has a collar with a leash. In my country, people don't do that. People do that when they want the dog to stay near a door and watch something.--Simon

I had a friend in my country. I knew her for a very long time. She always loved cats and spent all her money for her own two cats and cats on the streets. I didn't like to visit her because her cats ran over the furniture and didn't associate with her friends. All the furniture in the home was dirty and broken. In addition to that, the cats liked to jump on the table when we had something to eat. My friend thought that it was normal to eat from the same plate as cats. It was very strange for me.--Lyudmila

I think most people like dogs the most in the U.S. People often walk with their dogs in the parks, streets, and so on. But in my native city, people like cats the most! They look nice, cute, and they are useful--they can catch mice easily! Although people like their pets, nobody will bring the pet to a party or a restaurant, so the story is impossible in my native city. I had a cat before and I liked it very much also.--Ryan

Here in the U.S., it is different than in my country. In the U.S., people spend time taking out their pets, and feeding them like a person, but in my country, people leave the pets alone in the street, and later they come back themselves. Also, in the U.S., when dogs poop, you have to pick it up and put it in a plastic bag. In my country you don't have to do it. You can leave it in the street or on the sidewalk. In my country it is normal seeing a female dog in the street with her little dogs. Also, you can see a lot of dogs looking for food in the garbage, because they don't have an owner. Most of them have itching and they lose their hair and look very ugly. Sometimes people save their lives, taking them into their house, feeding them, and giving them medicine to quit their itching. In the U.S. it is very hard to see something like that, because it is prohibited to leave pets in the street.--Daimel

Since I came to San Francisco, I always see people bring their dogs to a large park to have a walk or play ball with them. In my city, Hong Kong, people only keep their pets at home. It is rare to bring them to the park. Most likely the pet owners just seldom bring their pets to have a walk on the crowded streeets. Moreover, I saw people here like to have dogs with a large size. However, in my city, tiny dogs are more popular.--Alex.

I think this country is more pet friendly than my country, Japan. If I have a pet and want to travel with them, it's easy to get a hotel here. But in Japan, it's hard to find a hotel with a pet. When I saw some people who had a dog in the park, they were taking care of them like children or family. They took off the dog's leash and the dog could go anywhere. I was surprised about it because I've never seen several dogs run around at the park without their leash. Sometimes a dog scares my kids when the dog runs in front of them. Most of the dogs are well-behaved, but a few aren't.--Mizuho

In America people walk with dogs. You don't need to be afraid very much of a dog. They take it on a leash. In Russia, you need to watch for danger, because a dog walks free. If you see a dog, you need to stop, because if you run, a dog will run after you. Russian people like pets more than people. In Russia we had a cat, dog, and bird at different times. I like cats. They are very friendly, and sometimes very lazy.--Roza

I think in my country it is just like here. We love pets and are used to spending time with them. But I heard that some American pets usually sleep on their owner's bed, and in my country it's not very common. Some do and some don't. Thinking about the story, I think in Brazil we'd probably say something indirectly when the person arrived, so we would notice that earlier. Americans are very polite and I think sometimes they're not comfortable saying what they really want if they don't know a person well.--Gleicy