Write about San Francisco

I have been traveling a lot. I really like San Francisco. It's a beautiful and interesting city. It's a good size (not too big and not too small) and has nice weather. People who live in the city come from all over the world. It's amazing. You can learn about many different cultures and always find something new. I love to have good food. San Francisco gave me a lot of experience eating in restaurants. I tried the most expensive food in the city. It was really really delicious.--Cindy

I have been in San Francisco since 2002. When I first came here, I had a lot of surprises, because San Francisco houses are very different. First, the closeness is different because the houses are all together, and they are made of wood, so I was surprised. I don't like San Francisco weather because there is too much fog. Also, houses are expensive, but I like San Francisco because the cultures make it fun.--Cui Mei

San Francisco is a beautiful city. Before I came here, I heard some friends tell me something about it. First, the weather is very different from my country. they told me many public places are open to people every month. In fact, it was true. I like this city very much. I'll tell my friends and recommend it to them. Golden Gate Park is very big. It has a lot of places to visit. If you don't want to pay any money you can also have fun too, like taking some crackers and bread and some little snacks to feed birds. There are many different birds you can see. Children like to do that very much. You can also take a walk and do some exercises. There are good places to go there. --Rebecca

I have been living in San Francisco for about 10 years. When I first came here, I was very surprised about the weather, because I always thought the weather in California was sunny and the ocean was warm. The second thing that surprised me was the homeless people on Market Street. But after this time, I really, really like this beautiful place. My opinion is that it is the most beautiful city in the world. If my friends come, I'll show them Golden Gate Park, the Golden Gate Bridge, Columbus, Chinatown, et cetera, et cetera. My advice: Don't be in a hurry to see the bad sides of the city. Pay attention to the gorgeous places and love it like me.--Lilya

I have been in San Francisco for two years and I like it a lot. When I first arrived, I saw a view that I had never seen before. Houses in San Francisco are much smaller than I thought. Before I arrived here, I just thought American houses were very big, and they had a big yard in front of the house, each house also separate from the other one. It's very different than I thought. Also, in San Francisco, the house rent scares me. It is so expensive. Do you think the same way?--Kay

When I first came here, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge surprised me. I had never seen it in my country. I love the weather here and my favorite places in San Francisco. If my friends come to San Francisco, I will take them to visit the Golden Gate Bridge and Golden Gate Park because they are famous and not too expensive.--Lindy

I have lived in San Francisco for 4 years. When I first came here, I was surprised about downtown and the houses. San Francisco is the best city in the state of California. Why? The weather is better than in Siberia, Russia. When my friends from Germany and Israel visited my family, they said, "San Francisco is the best city." My favorite place is Golden Gate Park. My relative is thinking about moving to San Francisco.--Iosif

I came to San Francisco seven years ago. I like San Francisco weather because it is not so hot, and I like San Francisco supermarkets because they are so big. Two years ago my good friend came to visit me. After she stayed in San Francisco one year, she got a job. Sometimes I go to the zoo with my children when it is free but I feel the show tickets are very expensive.--Margaret

I have been in San Francisco for over 10 years. When I first arrived here, what surprised me was that the weather is wonderful, the houses so big, and the streets so clean. If my friends come to visit me, I would like to take them to Golden Gate Park, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Fisherman's Wharf, because they are the famous places in San Francisco.--Helen

I have lived in San Francisco for only ten months. I came from China last October. When I first came here, I was very surprised about the weather. It is very good weather, especially in summer. It isn't like China--very hot. I like to take a walk in Golden Gate Park. It is a very large and very beautiful park. There are many different plants. Many people like to do sports there. If my friend visits San Francisco, I will take her to visit Golden Gate Park. San Francisco is a good place. If you are thinking of moving to San Francisco, that is a good idea.--Emily

I have been in San Francisco since last October. At first it surprised me that the houses are very pretty and small and stand very close to each other. There is no space between houses. The color of the walls are pastel and beautiful. In my country, almost all the walls are white, brown or gray. I've never seen such colorful walls except on restaurants and shops. Second, I was surprised that there are a lot of races in San Francisco.--Mizuho

I have lived in San Francisco for 7 months. It's my first experience living in the USA. When I just came, I was surprised at the different cultures, architecture of the buildings and of course languages. At first, the people spoke too fast for me to understand them. Every day I'm learning more about San Francisco. There are many interesting places to visit. I was at the Jack London museum. On the weekend I was at an Oscar Peterson concert. I had a fantastic time. The nature is different in California. It isn't very hot in the summer and isn't cold in the winter. If you want, you can go to the beach or skiing. I have a plan to go to Tahoe. I wasn't there yet, but heard it is a really nice place.--Julia

I have been living in San Francisco about six months. At first, I didn't like it here because my English was useless and I didn't have friends. I felt too lonely. But today I have changed my mind. I studied in John Adams and made some friends, and my English has improved. I can talk to some friends in English so that I feel very happy. sometimes we play basketball together and go downtown shopping. We love music, so we always go to Best Buy or Sony Center to try the CD player and MP3 player. Those are my favorite places where it is so good and free!--Ricky

The big surprise for me is the weather. It is the first time in my life it is so cold and foggy in the summer. It's amazing. My love for this city is growing day after day. There are a lot of beautiful places to visit. My favorite place in the city is the Golden Gate Bridge and Crissy Field. I like the diversity inside this city. It's the first time in my life I have lived in a city with a lot of cultures, religions, and languages in one city. It's great and has a nice spirit for a multi-cultural city.--Kamel

When I came to San Francisco, it was one year ago. It was last summer. My first shock was the weather. It was too cold here, and the people were not so friendly. But now I changed my mind because I know why the people are not happy and friendly, because everybody is very busy with their life and different activities, or people are thinking about how to make money to pay all the bills all the time.--Tiziana

I have been living in San Francisco for fifteen years. I am from Kwangtung, China. When I arrived in San Francisco, I was very surprised to see many big buildings and good sightseeing such as Golden Gate Park, the Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, and so on. I really like the weather of San Francisco, because it is not too hot and not too cool. San Francisco is a very beautiful city. The transportation in San Francisco is very convenient. I take the bus to school every day. If my son and my daughter buy a new house in another place, I might be moving, but I still love San Francisco very much. I f I have free time, I will visit San Francisco again and again.--Tony

I have lived in San Francisco about two years. When I first came here, I was surprised about the weather; it's not so cold in winter and not so hot in summer like in my country. All year the weather is fine, like in the spring in my country. My favorite place is the Presidio because I live near. I usually walk around this park and around the Bay with my husband every evening. I'd like to advise everyone who is thinking of moving to San Francisco that it is the best place I know for immigrants. There are a lot of people from different countries and they feel very comfortable here.--Irina