Write about San Francisco

I have been in San Francisco for a year. When I decided to come here I heard that the weather was very cold, but I couldn't imagine how cold it is. In my country, Brazil, the weather is very nice and hot except for June, July and August. That's winter time. I love the sunshine and the hot weather. Now, I'm getting accustomed to the cold weather and I love to stay here studying English and visiting different and exciting places. San Francisco is beautiful, like my city San Paulo.--Marlí

I have been living in San Francisco for five months. When I came here, I was surprised at the beautiful parks, houses, different kinds of restaurants and a lot of people from other countries. Before I came, I knew the city was a good place to live, but everything is too expensive. I like living here because I'm staying with my brother, learning English and meeting new people. I like to go in the restaurants and bars. I hope to study for a postgraduate degree here after I learn good English.--Lis

I like San Francisco because it isn't a dangerous city, the streets are very clean and the houses have gardens too. I love it too, because it has very beautiful places to visit, like downtown, and Pier 39. It's wonderful. I think the most interesting place in San Francisco for me is Alcatraz, because it has an interesting history. I like that, and if a friend comes to visit me, I think that I will take my friend to Alcatraz or downtown. Believe me, you need to see San Francisco to know that I tell you the truth.--Yaressi

I came to San Francisco a few years ago. I like this city a lot. I know life here is very expensive, but when you enjoy yourself you are happy. My favorite places are Golden Gate Park, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the zoo.--Rigoberto

I came here to San Francisco 4 years ago and when I came here what surprised me was the big buildings downtown because in my country we don't have big buildings, just small ones. I like to live in San Francisco because the weather is great. For me, it's not too cold or hot. I really love this weather. My favorite places are Golden Gate Park, the Embarcadero, and downtown. I would take my friend who came to visit me from my country to these places because I really love them. If I wanted to give advice to a person who wanted to move to San Francisco, I would tell them the weather is great, the city is beautiful, and there are so many places to go shopping, to go for a walk, and the principal thing is there is a lot of work if you want to work.--Amelia

I have been living in San Francisco for three years. When I first came here I was surprised that there were almost no mosquitos here, and the air was fresh. But I don't like smelling dog shit and dog pee everywhere. Even sometimes I smell it on the bus, and I often wait for the bus for a long time. As for the weather, it made me comfortable at first, but I got sick one time and another time. Now I'm used to it and I know how to treat myself here.--Rena

I have lived in San Francisco for many years and I still enjoy the place. When I came here the first thing that surprised me was the sun was bright until 8:00 or 9:00 because in my country the sun is bright until 5:00 or 5:30 pm all year. The second thing is the seasons of the year. There are four seasons, and in my country there are only 2 seasons. In summer (6 months) it is very hot, and in winter it is hot and a little cool. The third thing is all the bridges, buildings in Chinatown, and Fisherman's Wharf--Norma

Hello. I'm Rubén. I'm going to talk about myself since I arrived in San Francisco. I remember when I came here I was surprised at the people because all of them looked sad, even now too. My friends said San Francisco is the best city in the USA because it's a big city and you can find whatever you want right away. I disagree with them. I think all the places in San Francisco are boring.--Rubén

I came to San Francisco four months ago. I love San Francisco, including the weather, the people, and the views. There are many buildings in S.F. The buildings are very old and beautiful. The people are enthusiastic. The Golden Gate Bridge is a famous view in S.F. On the first Wednesday of each month the Zoo and the Botanical Garden are free for people. We can enjoy the free views and free entertainment.--Grace

I have been living in San Francisco since 2003, and when I came the first thing that surprised me was the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge. The other thing that surprised me was Fisherman's Wharf and Alcatraz Island because it is a famous place and the weather is always cold. Also the four seasons because in my country we have two, wintertime during 6 months and summer during 6 months too.--Mirna

I have been living in San Francisco for eight months. I was surprised at how many Chinese-American people were living in San Francisco when I first came here. San Francisco has many Chinatowns and it looks like China. Before I lived here, I had been here once. Therefore I knew the Golden Gate Bridge. I like living here because I can eat many kinds of delicious food such as Chinese, Mexican, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese foods, etc, and because the climate here is very stable. I will recommend living here to my friend. The reason why is that San Francisco has many beautiful parks. I like Ocean Beach. I run and jog there once or twice a week. In addition, I want to show them the Golden Gate Bridge and Angel Island.--Shinji

Hi! My name is Felix. I have been living in San Francisco for a year. I love it because it is a small city and really cosmopolitan. I like to visit Golden Gate Park and buy all the CD's that I can at Amoeba Music. There's a thing that I dislike--that's to pay rent! It's really expensive. When I arrived here I felt terrible. It was too hard to get a job, but now I feel great.--Felix

I have been in S.F. for two months. When I first came here, Golden Gate Park surprised me. Now downtown and Golden Gate Park are my favorite places in S.F. When my frirend from Mongolia comes to visit me, I'll show her Golden Gate Park. Now I don't know what is free and what is expensive--Mendbayar

I've been here in S.F. 9 years. When I came here to S.F. there were lots of things that surprised me. I didn't know about the city before I came. I like it here in S.F. because the weather changes. When I arrived here in S.F. the first day, I missed my country. If my friends visited here in S.F. I'd show them the Golden Gate Bridge or Ocean Beach.--Lucia

Hi people from San Francisco. My name is Mariusz. I'm from Poland and I moved to S.F. over 4 years ago. The first surprise for me was gay people. I never saw anything like that before. I like living in San Francisco because it is a beautiful city. If a friend from my country came to visit me, I would show him museums.--Mariusz

I have been in San Francisco for 2 years. When I came I was surprised about the city and the bridges, but I didn't know about the homeless in the city. I like living in S.F. because it's pretty and there are many opportunities for jobs. My favorite places in San Francisco are the Beach, Golden Gate Park, Pier 39, and many places. If someone asked me about San Francisco I'd just have to say it's a great city.--Jorge

I have been here in San Francisco since 1998. San Francisco is a beautiful place. My surprise was seeing the Golden Gate Bridge and walking on it. My favorite place is Golden Gate Park. The places that are free are parks and museums. My advice to someone who wants to move to San Francisco is the rent is very expensive and there is too much traffic.-Antonio