Write about San Francisco

I like San Francisco because the people are very nice, the weather is beautiful, and the ESL is free. In San Francisco there are many famous places. If my friend comes to visit, I can drive to the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf and Chinatown. Many parks are free for kids.--Candy

I like to live in San Francisco. Here there is good weather, but it's foggy. Here there are beautiful views and good transportation. If my friends come to visit here, I'll take them to Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown and the Golden Gate Bridge.--Xiuying

I think that San Francisco is a good place. You can see many sights here. I like to go at night to the top of Twin Peaks because you can see the lights of the city, the Bay Bridge, the Bay, and boats. Sausalito has a beautiful view at night. You can see the full moon and the reflection in the Bay. I like Lombard Street, and its flowers are very beautiful because there are many colors and different kinds of flowers. I think that San Francisco has good weather but not at night because it's very cold and I think nothing can be perfect!--Marisol

San Francisco is a very beautiful city. I like the ocean district very much, Golden Gate Park, and the Conservatory of Flowers. When my friend comes to visit me, we will drive to Sausalito because there are very good places in that city.--Mila

I like to live in San Francisco. I love the weather and many different kinds of food. There is a nice long ocean view. Sometimes when I work too hard, I will go to the ocean beach to relax and smell the fresh air. San Francisco is a good tourist place. Many parks, museums and the zoo are free or have free days. The houses are very expensive, but there is good transportation. I love to live in San Francisco.--Winnie

My favorite place in S.F. is Twin Peaks because it has a beautiful view and the Bay Bridge is amazing but very expensive. I don't like the weather in S.F. If my friends go to S.F., I will invite them to go to Golden Gate Park, and maybe we would walk near the beach. Many museums are free and many parks are too. S.F. has many beautiful expensive restaurants. If the people take their kids, I recommend they go to Six Flags in Vallejo.--Miriam

I like Golden Gate Park and the Golden Gate Bridge in S.F. They are interesting and beautiful. I don't like the expensive rent for apartments and the weather. Here, the weather is cold for me. When my friends visit me, I will take them to visit Fisherman's Wharf. It's good for visitors in S.F. I like to take my children to Golden Gate Park. I like to give them time to take a lot of beautiful pictures.--Janet

I like San Francisco because of the weather. Sometimes it's windy, foggy, or hot. Then I can go any places because the buses are not hard to get. In San Francisco, I don't like the taxes that are too high, not like another state where the taxes are not too high. My favorite place is the Golden Gate Bridge because the bridge looks good. Then some people come from different places to take pictures of the bridge. About the places that are free and the places which are expensive, I have no idea.--Marilou

I like San Francisco because it's a very beautiful city, but the weather is not good for me. I like sunny weather. My favorite place in San Franciso is Ocean Beach. I like to walk there on sunny days. My children like Golden Gate Park very much, and they like the zoo too, but the zoo isn't free every day and we can't go there often. I came here two months ago. I don't know the city well. I want to see many interesting places in San Francisco.--Elena

In San Francisco I like Union Square, all the stores, and the Marina, but life is too expensive. The weather is not very good but not very bad. San Francisco is an interesting city. There are nice places. Many museums are in San Francisco, and some are free for people. It's very interesting.--Alexandre

In San Francisco there are many beautiful places. I like this city but I don't like the weather in S.F. When my friends come to visit me, I take them to the Fillmore, Twin Peaks, Golden Gate Park, and so on. I think the museum is free and maybe the parks.--Elen

Hello, hello again!! San Francisco is a beautiful city, but it is sometimes cold, and that is not good for me because I like the sun and hot weather. In San Francisco there are many good and beautiful places. My favorite places are Twin Peaks, Golden Gate Park, Downtown, and the Golden Gate Bridge. I think that Mission St. is not good because there is a lot of violence sometimes. If my friends come to visit, I would like to take them to my favorite places, and maybe to the beach or Lombard St. Those places are free, and it is perfect for me too; beautiful places, free places.--Abel

I like the cable cars, but I don't like Chinatown. If my friends come here, I will take them to the Golden Gate Bridge. My favorite place is downtown, because it is very much like Hong Kong. Fisherman's Wharf is free, but the cable car is very expensive. I feel that Fisherman's Wharf places are good for kids.--Lewis

I like the weather because I used to have bad weather in Japan. It is very hot and humid in summer and it's very cold in winter. My favorite place is under the Golden Gate Bridge. My family and I sometimes go there and we have lunch while we look at the view and watch some surfers surf the waves there. If my friends come to S.F. with their children, I want to take them to the S.F. Zoo. It has many kinds of animals. I like to see them.--Shoko

My name is Wency. I came to San Francisco only 8 months ago. I like the museums, weather, and Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. I like San Francisco weather because it is not always hot. When the season is spring, San Francisco is very beautiful, but sometimes San Francisco is very foggy. I like the museums in San Francisco, like the Cable Car Museum, San Francisco Airport Museum and Fire Department Museum, because they are very interesting. In the last three months, my Malaysian friends came to visit me. I took them to the Golden Gate Bridge, Castro Street, Chinatown, Disneyland, Japantown, and the Cable Car Museum. I like San Francisco because San Francisco is beautiful and quiet. I don't like like San Francisco because San Francisco has a lot of homeless.--Wency

I love San Francisco very much. The weather is usually not hot and not cold, but sometimes it is foggy and windy. In San Francisco, I like to go to Golden Gate Park and the Golden Gate Bridge. The park has many different flowers and many kinds of plants. If I'm in the park in the morning, the air is very fresh and I love it very much.--Lai Ho

I moved here in September this year. I have stayed here for several months, but I don't like it here. The one reason is the weather is always cool. There is no spring, summer, autumn and winter. It's almost the same weather every day. Maybe it's good for old people, but I like the sense of perspiring. Sometimes perspiration can make you comfortable. My son doesn't like it here either. He likes to go swimming, but I think the sea water is too cool for him. The other reason I don't like it is the houses here are very old and very expensive. For some new immigrants, it will be a heavy burden.--May

I like San Francisco because it has good weather and it's a beautiful city and my family is here. I don't like San Francisco because the houses are too expensive and there is a lot of fog in summertime. If my friends come here, I'll take them to the Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman's Wharf and the beach. San Francisco has many places that are free, like Golden Gate Park. The zoo and museums are sometimes free. For kids' places, I like the zoo and the beach.--Shu Zhen

I like the weather sunny and warm because it is very nice, but I don't like cold and hot. If my friends come to visit, I would take them to the Golden Gate Bridge and take a picture. After that, we can go to Fisherman's Wharf and any other places. My favorite place is Yerba Buena Park. I usually go there and there are a lot of free concerts. There are some good places to take children, to the S.F. Zoo or play with them in the park. If you go to the museums, there are some free places. If you go shopping at Nordstrom on Market Street, it is very expensive--Michael

I like the weather in San Francisco, as most people do. In my city, it's very hot in summer and very cold in winter. But I don't like some things, take cars for example. There are too many cars in the streets. Sometimes you can't find a place to park. They also make some noise. The Golden Gate Bridge is a famous place, because you can see the fog around the bridge. It's so beautiful, and you can't see this view on other bridges.--Jia

More people who have lived in San Francisco a long time have a good opinion about this city, about the weather, about everything. I agree with most, but not all. I hate the wind, the fog, the ocean in which I can't swim, the hot in the day and the cold at night. Maybe, after a few years, I can change this opinion, but not now. My favorite places in San Francisco are Golden Gate Park and my apartment, and also I forgot something else--City College.--Victor

I'm enjoying my life in S.F. There are many attractive places to visit here--museums, Symphony Hall, beautiful parks, and nice restaurants from all over the world. I like the weather in fall here. We have many fine and warm days. But I don't like winter because there are many rainy days. I don't like summer either because it's mostly foggy and windy. I think City College is the greatest thing. The teachers are very kind and I can study English for free there. If my friends come to visit, I would like to take them to ride on cable cars and show them around Fisherman's Wharf. We would enjoy eating seafood and shopping around for some interesting souvenirs.--Aiko