What Surprised You When You First Came to San Francisco?

I've been living here one and one-half years. When I came to the San Francisco airport, I felt so cold because that time was summertime in Korea. That time was really hot, but that time here was foggy and windy. And I was also surprised when I came to my apartment. I thought it wasn't an apartment. In Korea we had an apartment that was big and tall. I lived in a seventh-floor apartment. Also I was surprised when I went downtown. I took a bus and I spent only 20 minutes. Before I came here I thought San Francisco was a big city, but I was wrong. It is not a big city. It's a small city.--Bong Hee

When I came to San Francisco, the first thing that surprised me was the different people who live here from China, Russia, etc. The second thing was the houses. I don't like it, because they are too close to each other and you can hear everything. Another thing which surprised me was that the American people are very friendly. I don't like one thing about San Francisco--It is too expensive!--Alicia

I have lived in San Francisco three years and two months. When I first came to San Francisco, I was surprised by the climate and weather. I expected more dry air. I knew a lot of things about San Francisco before I came because I read books and saw movies about this city. I like living in San Francisco very much because it is a beautiful city. --Irina

When I came to S. F., I was surprised that there are very big and beautiful buildings downtown. On the other side there are a lot of small houses that are very close to each other. I was surprised how buses can ride up and down hills. I was afraid when I rode buses.--Lyudmila

I have been living in San Francisco for six years. When I first came to S. F. I was surprised because this famous city is so old. The houses were built many years ago. It looked old and the food was simple. But now it is okay. I like living in S.F. I like the weather and the people. The interesting thing is when I first came to S.F. I didn't think houses were expensive. They were cheaper than where I lived in Hong Kong. But now it is more expensive here than Hong Kong.--Cynthia

I've lived in San Francisco three and a half years. When I first came to S.F. a big surprise for me was the weather. Green grass and trees in every season, flowers and plants. I'm happy that I live in San Francisco.--Boris

When I arrived in San Francisco with my family, we were surprised that there were a lot of hills. We rented a car from the airport to the hotel. That was the first time for my husband to drive in the USA. Even though he was scared, we went to Lombard Street. My kids, who sat in the back seat, were screaming for joy when we went down from the top. We'd never seen such a hill.--Mizuho

I was surprised about Muni and streetcars. In my country, the buses have a button. When I want to get off, I can push the button, but I couldn't find the button. I couldn't get off.--Do Youn

When I came to S.F., I was surprised that this city is dirty, and there are many homeless people on the street. I knew that some food was cheaper and the house rental was very expensive before I came.--Jackie

When I came here something special surprised me--cars. All the cars here, or most of them, are new, fancy, and modern. In my country, Cuba, cars are old, from the '60's and '70's, so it was very different for me.--Daimel