Write About Shopping

I like to go shopping. That's my favorite thing. Sometimes if I've got free time I like to go because there are so many different kinds of stuff there. Every week I go to Costco. I want to buy eggs, rice, milk, water, and a lot. Sometimes I want to buy clothes, handbags, or shirts. Everything is interesting.--Xiao Li

I like to shop, but I don't usually, because my husband likes to shop very much. He always shops for groceries. If I need something, I go by myself to the Safeway because it is near my house. Sometimes I buy clothes in Ross or go windowshopping at Stonestown and enjoy looking around. In my country, when I go shopping I can not use a credit card. Sometimes I can bargain with the owner.--Amy

Hmm, talk about shopping, comparing my country and San Francisco. It is almost the same, but in my country it is easier and more convenient to buy some fast food. Here you should go to the store, but in my country it is a little different. I can buy some food on the street. It's very easy. In San Francisco I usually shop in Chinatown because everything is cheaper than other stores, but it takes a long time. For me it is ok when I have a day off I have time to shop in Chinatown. If I don't have time, I go shop other places.--Natalie

I like to go shopping. I like to shop for clothes with friends of mine. We go to Macy's, Gap, and many stores. We usually get a good idea to choose the best. We have a lot of fun. I like to shop with my friends.--Susanna

I like to shop, but I just like to go to clothes stores. I hate to buy food, but I must go shopping to buy a lot of food because I need to cook for my family. In San Francisco the milk and vegetables are cheap. In my country they're not cheap.--Yan Hong

My name is Kendy. In my country and in San Francisco, I like to shop very much. I like to shop for clothes. I like different clothes, so sometimes my husband and I go windowshopping. I usually shop at Stonestown or Ross because they are near my house and cheap. I sometimes shop using a credit card. I like to shop, but I don't like to shop for food because I don't like to cook. My house is far from a grocery store. I don't have a car, so I must walk eight blocks to shop for food every weekend because my husband is very busy and he doesn't have time to help me. I'm tired every Saturday morning.--Kendy

I like to go shopping. In San Francisco I like to go to Chinese supermarkets to buy some vegetables, some fruit, and some seafood. I usually buy clothes if they are on sale. I visited my country. In China, the clothes are cheaper than in the U.S.A. so I like to go shopping in China. I bought a lot of clothes in my country. I like to go shopping at garage sales. I bought five bookcases at garage sales. I never buy used clothes. I like credit cards. If I buy something for the office I always take a credit card. I like farmers' markets. I usually go to the farmers' market to buy food because that food is fresh.--Doris

I don't like shopping very much because I don't want to spend time shopping. I usually don't want to go windowshopping. If I need to buy clothes I look around and I choose the better one. I buy something and then leave so I don't spend too much time shopping. Usually my mother shops for groceries. I only sometimes shop for groceries. I usually buy them in the supermarket.--Jenny

I don't usually go shopping because I don't have too much money, but I have a family so I usually go to a Chinese supermarket to buy some seafood, beef, fruit, and other things. I don't like garage sales or buying used clothes. When I go back to China, I usually buy many clothes because the clothes are beautiful and cheaper.--Ci Dian

My partners' names are Amy and Natalie. Amy usually shops for groceries in Safeway. She likes to buy her clothes at Ross and Macy's. Her favorite store is Macy's because she buys clothes for her son there. She likes to shop at garage sales. She buys tables and chairs. Sometimes she buys things on the Internet. Natalie likes to shop for groceries in Chinatown. Sometimes she uses her credit card. She doesn't have Internet.--Jorge

I don't like to shop, but sometimes you have to go shopping because you need food or clothes, for example milk, rice or corn oil and shoes or ties. I like to go windowshopping for clothes. I think it's relaxing so I usually go windowshopping with my friends. I usually shop for groceries at Cala Food. I never go shopping at garage sales. I am a newcomer. This is the first time I heard about garage sales. Garage sales are different from in my native city. I never buy used clothes because in my native city, there aren't used clothes for sale.--Yue Hua

Shopping is a good thing for me. I like shopping very much, but I don't have enough money so I like to go windowshopping with my friends. Maybe going shopping will waste a lot of time, but I will feel very happy when I see the interesting things of any type, any size, and any color. I think shopping is also exercise because I walk.--Yu Sheng

I am very interested in shopping, especially for clothes. Sometimes I'm satisfied and sometimes I'm not because I don't get my favorite clothes. Sometimes the price is expensive. My country is my favorite place to shop. In that place everything is okay because on the whole it is very cheap. You can get any material. It comes from America, China, Dubai, and from many directions. This is one reason it's cheap and why I like shopping.--Sintayehu

I love shopping. Every Sunday I go to Stonestown with my youngest daughter. We look for clothes, especially at Macy's, Gap, Bebe, Nordstrom, etc. These stores always have sales. After that we go to McDonald's for a snack and beverage. I use a credit card. I rarely shop on the Internet. Sometimes I buy something at Goodwill because it's convenient for me.--Julia

I think many people like to go shopping, especially women. As for me, I love it. Yesterday I bought some vegetables for one week. My son's birthday is coming and I want to buy some clothes for him (Spiderman). I don't like to buy used clothes for me, but sometimes I like used clothes for my kids because if it is lost I don't care. I like to buy makeup and anything good for women.--Soad

I like to go shopping, but sometimes I don't like it. I usually shop for groceries on Clement Street, at Albertson's and Cala Foods. When I buy my favorite clothes, I like every store, but some stores don't have my favorite fashion clothes. I never buy used clothes because I don't like old clothes. I didn't go to a garage sale because I don't like used things. I don't like windowshopping. I don't have a credit card so I didn't use one. I didn't shop on the Internet. In my native city, everything is very nice.--Lkhagvasuren

I usually go to Andronico's for food. That shop has good quality food and is very convenient. It's near my house and the parking lot is big. I don't like it when I can't find a parking space and also the grocery clerk is very kind. One day I couldn't find Japanese radishes. I asked the grocery clerk. He was kind and showed me. He and I have been friends since then.--Emi

I don't like to go shopping, because it wastes my time, but I need to go shopping to buy daily necessities. When I shop, I prefer to go to Chinatown because there are a lot of Chinese people. I can speak Chinese to them. I never go to garage sales because in my country there aren't any garage sales. Shopping in San Francisco is a little different compared to my native city. In my native city, the things are all sold retail, but here people like wholesale.--Tracy

I usually go shopping in a Chinese supermarket because I need to take care of my family. Every day I go to buy food. Every weekend I go to swim with my children and then take them to Chinese school. I don't like to go windowshopping and my children don't either.--May

Every weekend I go to shop at the free market because the fruits and vegetables are fresh. Sometimes I go to buy clothes in Mervyn's because the clothes are very cheap. I like to go to garage sales, but only to look because there are interesting things. I never buy anything.--Teresa

I don't like to shop. I rarely go windowshopping, but sometimes I go to shop with my wife at Macy's or Mervyn's on Saturday and Sunday to buy clothes or to a supermarket to buy food. I never used a credit card or bought something on the Internet. I always pay cash when I buy something.--Keihung

Hello, my name is Jason. I seldom go shopping because I don't like to shop in S.F. If I take the bus shopping it takes too much time. It takes about 40 minutes to go to Chinatown, so I hate it, but my friend usually calls me to go shopping in Chinatown --Jason.

I don't like to shop. I usually shop for groceries at Safeway and Trader Joe's. I usually shop for clothes at Goodwill and sometimes at Mervyn's. I don't like to go windowshopping. I sometimes use a credit card. I never shop on the Internet, because I don't have a computer. In my native city there aren't any garage sales or shopes similar to Goodwill.--Aleksandr

I like shopping for clothes in the Serramonte Shopping Center because there are more stores. My favorite is Macy's. When I want to buy some food I go to Albertson's because it's near my house. If I want to go shopping, I take my wife with me because when I go back home she won't ask me any questions about what I bought.--Zaher

Hello, my name is Minh Nguyen. I came to the U.S. in 2003. The city of San Francisco has a lot of stores. Last week I went to Macy's and looked at all the clothes, but I didn't like them. They were expensive. After that, I went to Safeway and bought some food. In my old country there aren't any big stores like Macy's. I like to buy used clothes because they are cheap. I never shop on the Internet.--Minh

On Labor Day, I went shopping. There were a lot of people and they bought something. Everyone enjoyed this day. In the store many clothes were on sale. The price was not so expensive. Many students didn't come to school and went shopping with their parents. I think it is convenient for people who live there.--Hao Bo

In San Francisco shopping is very different than in my country. Everything in San Francisco is expensive, but in my country it's cheap. I usually go windowshopping when I have free time. Sometimes I go to Mervyn's, Gap, and Macy's. I always pay by credit card in every store, but in Chinatown I never do.--Duc

In San Francisco I like to buy food at Safeway, because it's near my house. Also I like to go to the mall to buy clothes. I have never shopped at a garage sale or bought used clothes. I always use my credit card for shopping, but I never use my credit card to shop on the Internet. Sometimes I go windowshopping with my friend. Our favorite store is an electronic store.--HZ

Shopping in San Francisco and in my country is the same. My favorite store for food in San Francisco is Safeway, and for clothes is Ross. I never buy used clothes, and I don't go to garage sales. I don't use a credit card, and I never shop on the Internet. I don't like to go windowshopping.--Raisa

I like to go shopping. My family and I go to Safeway and buy groceries, and sometimes we go to a little market on the street. My favorite store is Ross because it's cheap and the clothes are good. Sometimes I buy used clothes and go to garage sales. I don't have a credit card and never shop on the Internet. When I want to go shopping, I need to go very fast because my baby doesn't like to go shopping.--Maria

I like to go shopping. My favorite store is Ross to buy clothes for my husband, my son and me. I like the stores where they sell used things because there are many curious and old things. I bought a little sewing machine, but my husband doesn't like that I went to the used store. Another time I was walking on the street and saw some people put out things and I went to ask if it was a garage sale. They said, "No, everything is free." I said, "Oooh, really?" "Yes," they said, "There's a microwave, stereo and mirror, etc." "Okay, I'll come back," I said. They said, "Come back soon, please." I went home and told my husband the people on the street had a microwave and stereo and it was free. He said, "No, no Elizabeth. They don't work." Okay, no problem. I came back to the street and put all of them in a box and screamed to my husband and he went down and helped me. Surprise! Everything worked.--Elizabeth