Write About Shopping

I like shopping. My favorite store for clothes is Mervyn's. I like to go windowshopping in many stores before starting shopping. I prefer to pay cash because credit cards make me spend a lot of money. The same thing about shopping in S.F. and my country is that there are big malls for purchases. The different thing is the prices in my country are lower than here.--Doaa

I like shopping. I usually shop for groceries in Chinatown. I usually shop for clothes in Old Navy. My favorite store is Cosco. I never buy used clothes. I don't go to garage sales. I like to go windowshopping. I shop using a credit card. I never shop on the Internet.--Michelle

I like to go shopping and go to the supermarket because I like walking, looking, and sometimes buying something on sale that's cheap. In my native country and in San Francisco shopping is the same, but most things are cheaper. I don't shop at garage sales and second-hand stores. Sometimes I go to Sunset Super to buy vegetables, meat, fish, fruit and candy. I always pay cash when I buy something. I don't have a favorite store and don't shop on the Internet either.--Wendy

I like shopping. Sometimes I go to Macy's and Ross to buy clothes but I sometimes get to garage sales, which are very cheap. Comparing San Francisco and China shopping, in China you can buy things very cheap, but San Francisco stores sometimes have things on sale cheap too. I like to go to the supermarket to buy food. I don't like shopping on the Internet. I never use a credit card to buy anything.--Xiu Ling

I don't like to go shopping because it wastes a lot of time. Usually I make my own clothes so I don't have a favorite store, but I like to go buy groceries because I like to cook. Sometimes I like to go to Chinatown to buy groceries because it's cheap. Sometimes I like to go to garage sales, like last weekend I got ten chapter books for my daughter for only $5. That was a very good deal.--Mina

I am a housewife. I want to buy cheap and fresh food. When groceries are on sale, I will buy something. Sometimes I like to go to Chinatown to buy vegetables, meat, eggs and fruit. I like to go windowshopping. I can look at different clothes.--Mei Fung

I have been here only several months. I bought a lot of really beautiful clothes in my country and brought them with me, so I'm not interested in shopping here. If somebody goes shopping at garage sales with me, I will be very happy. I like shopping on the Internet too, because it is convenient and cheap.--Vera

I'm Dieu Truong. I usually shop for clothes at Macy's and Ross but I like Macy's better because it's a big store and has many things. I can choose all the things for myself when I need them. It's a convenient place for me because it's near my house. Sometimes I also go to secondhand stores with my friends, but I just look for a moment because the clothes don't fit me and I don't really like it.--Dieu

I like to go shopping but not windowshopping, only to buy what I want. I usually go shopping at Costco and Safeway. Sometimes I go to Macy's to buy some clothes. I do shopping on the Internet too. My favorite store is blockbuster. I can rent movies and video games. In my country, you can't shop on the Internet. That is the only thing different from San Francisco. --Yao

I like shopping. I usually go to Costco to buy CD-Rs, food, noodles, and more. I usually buy clothes in Old Navy and Gap. I like that style because it's casual and cheap. I don't have a credit card. I always pay cash. Sometimes I shop online but I use my friend's credit card. I like to buy music CDs online. They are cheaper than in the store. In my country, there aren't any companies like Costco. They just sell one thing, like one place just sells clothes, and another place sells another thing. Is it funny?!!--Wei

I bought a nice large red dress for Christmas at Macy's store, in Stonestown. It was cheaper. There are always some clothes on sale. This is the best time to shop. In my native country it is different because the stores are too small and crowded. I like San Francisco because it's very convenient. There are always many ways to shop--garage sales, shopping with a credit card, on the Internet, second-hand stores, etc. My favorite store for groceries is Cosco and Smart and Final too; for clothes it is Macy's and Ross, etc. I don't like windowshopping because I suffer when I see something I like and I can't buy it. It's hard for me.--Julia

I often go shopping at Target because it has much cheaper prices and many more different kinds of things for sale. I can easily find my things. I rarely use a credit card. I'm afraid I'll forget to pay the bills. Sometimes I have to do shopping on the Internet. It is very funny. Hong Kong is a very modern place and everything is very up-to-date. The prices are cheaper than in San Francisco. In Hong Kong if you buy something you cannot return or exchange it, but in San Francisco you can.--King Fung

I like to shop at Cosco to buy food, and I like to shop in San Francisco. San Francisco stores are big and in my country they are small. I sometimes go to Target and Macy's to shop, and sometimes go to garage sales. It's cheap but I don't shop for used clothes. I usually use a credit card for Internet shopping and I like windowshopping too. My favorite store is Ross.--Oi Hing

I like to go windowshopping very much. I like to see new style clothes. I usually go to the supermarket to buy food and vegetables for one week, so I use my credit card. I haven't bought any clothes in San Francisco because I don't know where the clothes are good and cheap, but I usually bought many clothes in China. It was all new designer clothes and very cheap. My niece said that it was very cool that I shopped with her, so she often asked me to buy clothes with her when I lived in China.--Zhaoping

I don't like to go to shop at the supermarket or the clothes store too much. I think that it is boring for me, but sometimes I go shopping with my son. He likes the Disney Store very much. Garage sales are interesting for me because sometimes I can buy some antiques and after fixing and cleaning them, they look pretty good. On the Internet I only buy travel tickets to fly to another place and sometimes some clothes for my son.--Brenda

Hi. My name is Gloria. I like to shop. I usually shop for groceries in Costco and Mexican stores. I don't usually go to shop for clothes, but sometimes I need shoes and sweaters. My favorite store is Ross because there are economical things there. Sometimes I buy things secondhand. I never go to garage sales because I don't have time. I don't like to go windowshopping. It's boring for me. I don't use a credit card. I never shop on the Internet. In my native city it is almost similar. All people use the Internet for shopping, and we also have big stores in different places.--Gloria

I like shopping. I don't shop in San Francisco because everything is so expensive and there are no good designs. I like to go to France to go shopping once or twice every year. I buy clothes, shirts, shoes, and everything. I don't like to shop at garage sales or buy used clothes. I like to use a credit card because I don't like to take cash to go shopping. I don't like shopping on the Internet because I don't know the design and quality. I like windowshopping because I am in the garment business. If I know the up-to-date information, it will help my ideas.--Danny