Write About Shopping

I don't like to go shopping, but I have to buy something. I go shopping twice a week. I usually shop at Safeway, Sunset Supermarket, and the Farmers Market because I can buy my favorite food there. My favorite stores are Old Navy, Cosco, and Ross. When I go shopping, I really want to buy whatever I need to use. Sometimes I shop on the Internet. I don't like to go out. I'm too lazy to walk. I can find things on the Internet.--Lin

I like to go shopping during the weekend. I usually go to Safeway for groceries, and for clothes I usually go to Macy's. Walgreens is my favorite store so I sometimes go there. I sometimes go to the Salvation Army to buy some used clothes. I really like windowshopping. I never use a credit card. I never shop on the Internet. In San Francisco, shopping is very convenient for me, but in my country it is not very convenient.--Bruce

I like to shop. I liked to shop for a long time in my native country. After I came to the U.S., I still liked to shop. I go to Chinatown and buy some vegetables, meat, fish and fruit. The food in San Francisco is the same as Shanghai's food, for the price. I sometimes go to Macy's department store and buy clothes. I don't like to use a credit card because I think credit cards aren't very safe.--Ru Xin

I don't like to shop. When I need to buy something for my children, I will go. I usually shop for groceries at Safeway and Walgreens every week. When I see in the newspaper what shops have something on sale, I'm ready to go there. I buy snacks for my children and I buy some food for my family. I cook every day, so I need to buy vegetables, meat, shrimp, noodles, etc. Sometimes I go shopping for clothes at Sears, Ross, Mervyn's and Toys "R" Us. I usually use my credit card, because I get a credit rebate coupon. I don't have any favorite store. I like the stores where things are cheap, because I want to save money.--Thanh Em

I like shopping. Sometimes I go to used stores and the Farmers Market. I usually buy some things at Costco. I seldom shop on the Internet. I like to go Christmas windowshopping. I never use a credit card, but I use one at Macy's. I like to shop in San Francisco. In my native city, stores are very different. In my native city, the Farmers market and stores have no holiday.--Judy

I like to shop every weekend in Chinatown because it has supermarkets, groceries, and many different stores. My favorite store is Foodco. My daughters like it too. Every time my daughters and I go there, they want me to buy a lot of candy.--Stanley

I like shopping. I think shopping is very interesting. I can see many different things and I can find many interesting things. I think shopping is the same in San Francisco and in my native country. I like to shop for clothes, but I never shop for used clothes. Sometimes I like windowshopping because I feel that it is interesting. I like shopping with my friends when we have time.--Jiao Xia

I like to shop and go windowshopping too, because a lot of things are beautiful and interesting. When I buy a favorite thing, I will be happy for a long time. My native country is like San Francisco, and has large buildings for shops and supermarkets, Macy's, and something like that.--Carol

I like to go shopping. I usually shop in boutiques and stores. I usually go to Ross to buy some clothes and shoes. This is my favorite. I like to go windowshopping too because I feel that it is very enjoyable for me. I do not use a credit card because I am a newcomer. Anyway, I like San Francisco.--Elaine

My name is Kin. I like shopping. I like to go to Chinese markets to buy meat and fruit. They are fresh. If I buy groceries, I will go to Safeway to buy them. I like to use a credit card at the store so I don't need to bring money.--Kin

I like shopping for clothes. In my country shopping is the same as in San Francisco, but maybe just different in the store because in America, all things are in one store, but in Jordan clothes are in one store and shoes are in another. I usually shop in Macy's and J.C. Pennys. I like to windowshop to see what the new clothes are. I sometimes buy something on the Internet, for example, CD music of my favorite singer.--Diana

I like to go shopping. Sometimes I go shopping in the shopping mall with my family. In my country, if I buy something and I don't like it, there is no return. In this country it is different. Sometimes I buy groceries in Safeway and some food in Chinese stores. I never shop at garage sales or for used clothes. I like to pay with a credit card because I keep good credit. I never shop on the Internet. Sometimes I go windowshopping and just look. My favorite store is a Chinese store.--Su

I seldom go shopping here. I don't like shopping here because I think it is not my style. I usually send money to my Chinese friends and then they can buy clothes and send them to me. I like to wear Chinese clothes because in my mind it fits me. It's important that when the dollar changes to Chinese money, it will buy better things.--Meng Na

I don't like to shop, but I have to go shopping. I have to buy food and clothes for my family. I prefer to buy food in Chinese stores because there it is cheaper and I like Chinese food. I buy clothes for my daughter in Gap. She likes these clothes. These clothes are a little expensive, but they are nice. For me, I prefer to buy clothes in Ross.--Natalia

I don't like to go shopping because I have no job, and no money. I go to shop three times a year. My favorite store is Gap. I really buy used clothes. I usually wait for garage sales and discount sales. I like to go windowshopping because I can see every kind of cothes from outside. I use a credit card. I never shop on the Internet because I have no computer. There is little similarity between shopping in San Francisco and my native city. My native country is not developed. San Francisco is very developed and a nice city.--Ma

Shopping in my native country is different than in San Francisco. In S.F., I usually shop at Safeway. I never shop for used clothes. I don't shop with a credit card, so I don't shop on the Internet. I don't like to go windowshopping.--Alex

I don't like to shop, but I have to. When I go grocery shopping, Ii go to Clement Street. I buy clothes at garage sales. I don't use a credit card. I pay cash in the store. My grandchildren like to shoop on the Internet.--Lev
My name is Larysa. I like shopping in Russian grocery stores, Safeway, and Trader Joe's. I like shopping for clothes in Mervyn's, Macy's, and Nordstrom. I don't like to buy used clothes, but sometimes I buy something at garage sales. I like shopping with a credit card. Sometimes I like to buy something on the Internet. One time I bought shoes for me on the Internet. My favorite store is Macy's, the perfume department. I like to go shopping if I have money.--Larysa

The difference in shopping in San Francisco compared with Mexico is big for me. In Mexico, the market is a big place, like a mall, but everything is more simple. It isn't fancy, but it is a nice place to stay and shop because almost everybody knows each other, and you can find everything, like shoes, meat, vegetables, dishes, clothes, cooked food, toys, tools, etc.--Gloria

Shopping in my country is different than in San Francisco. I usually shop at Safeway and sometimes in a grocery store. I usually shop for clothes at Ross or Old Navy. My favorite store here is Costco, because it's big and I can find anything I like or I need. In my country, I went to the store for clothes. I never bought used clothes, and I don't in S.F. either. In my country there are no garage sales, but I bought something on sale. I like to go windowshopping. I don't use a credit card and I never shop on the Internet.--Kholoud

I like to go shopping because I can buy my favorite things. If the clothes or shoes are on sale, my friends will take me out to look. Sometimes my friend is very crazy. He can buy shoes for $150. He usually doesn't have much money, so I will use my credit card to pay for him. He will give it back to me the next day. I will look in the window and then I will go into the store. If the store has many things on sale, I will look for my favorite things to buy because I don't want to waste money. That's my money, so I will think about if I really like this thing. If I really, really like it, I will buy it. I will use a credit card to pay. I don't like to take a lot of money to go shopping. I'm scared I will lose the money.--Wai King.