What Did You Do During Spring Vacation?

We had a vacation last week, so I really wanted to get up late but I couldn't because my son needed to go to school every day at the same time. However, after he went to school, I enjoyed my free time. I did exercises and watched some videos and so on. Nevertheless, it was not so different from my usual days. Only one thing was so different--I didn't study English like when I go to school. --Kyung Hee

When I go to college, I haven't a lot of time for my dog, but on vacation I can walk the dog a long time. My dog always has her own opinion. If I want to turn to the left, she wants to turn to the right. If I want to move, she wants to stay, and so on. I never let my dog find food on the street because she wants it very much! She goes to the street for food hunting! But she never eats all the beautiful food at home! My dog knows I don't like it, so she goes to a mystery place to eat. I worry about losing my dog. I run and call her name, but my dog keeps silent when she eats the food she finds. After a long time she returns to me.

However, on vacation I decided to put a new leash with a flashlight on her. Now I always see my dog and she cannot eat or find food on the street. When the dog goes to a mystery place I always find it very quickly! My dog doeesn't understand what happened. She doesn't know how I can find her! She always thinks she is smarter than me. On my vacation my dog got a big surprise--I am smarter than my dog! --Irina

Last week was spring vacation. I was happy at that time, because I used some time to clean up my yard and tune up my old piano. I was just a little lazy and I didn't study any English. I think it is only because it was vacation. One thing I missed was my ballroom dance class. Anyway, I feel good because I finished something and relaxed during that week. --Sanka

Last week was boring, because I like to go to school. Also, it is necessary for me to learn more and more English under this situation. I think this is my situation. In San Francisco, it is very difficult to find a job with a high unemployment rate and the war bettween the USA and Iraq. I can only go to school during the day because I have no job. When someone asks me about my vacation schedule, I always say it is studying at home. Last week I only stayed home and did some housework and homework and nothing special. I even like my class at John Adams Campus more than vacation. --Henry

Last Sunday morning my family left my home and headed to Sequoia National Park, but we were really worried about the weather. That day it was raining too much. We drove carefully and when we got there the park ranger told us to just drive and pass the park. We went to the park, but it was snowing too much, so we couldn't go inside anymore. My kids were very excited, but my husband and I were disappointed. We went inside the visitor center and read some history, and then I drove on a strange road. It was very narrow and winding. We slept in a hotel near Death Valley.

The next day we went to Death Valley. Before I read the Death Valley history, so I was really interested in Death Valley. We saw many places and I was really surprised because one place called "Devil's Golf Course" looked like it was covered with snow, but it was salt. Some people took photographs and we did too. My son wanted to keep some salty rock but it was way too hard to take off. And do you know why it is named "Death Valley?" If you want to go there I suggest you don't go there in the summertime. That area's summer temperature averages over 120F. It is too hot. --Bong Hee

My children and I stayed home almost all last week. We tried to make some special Chinese food that I learned from my mother-in-law last year. My older daughter helped me and my little daughter watched us. At first, we did it unsuccessfully. We tried again and again. Finally, we succeeded. We were very happy when we ate it. We thought it was especially delicious. --Jackie

Last week it was spring vacation. There was no school. I was very happy because I could sleep late and relax. I did some housework, organized the things in the garage, and cleaned my house because my sons put things anywhere. On Friday I went to Home Depot. I chose the plants that I wanted. I bought some flowers. On Saturday I brought my sons to Stonestown for Easter. I saw a lot of children in line in order to take a picture with the Easter Bunny. The children were very happy. We took some pictures too. That week I had a good time. --Sylvia

Last week, I went to Japantown with my family to go to see the Cherry Blossom Festival. We ate some Japanese food there and bought some stuff. Also we saw the Japanese dance show there.

During the rest of the week I did nothing special, just as usual went to see some sites on the Internet, played PC games and talked on the phone with my Hong Kong friends. However, I did have more time to be concerned about the news of the disease in Hong Kong. The disease is terrible. I am quite worried about my friends in Hong Kong these days. --Alex

My spring vacation last week was a good time for me because I had time to sleep longer and then some days I had free time to meet my friends. We had a good time together such as going to a movie, shopping, and eating out. On the weekend I spent my free time watching the news and some movie programs because that is helpful for listening to English for me. --Cherry

Last week I intended to read an English book at home, but I didn't finish it. When I began to read the book, in my head I just thought that maybe i should cook something first, and then I had to clean house. When I was done with it all, it was time to pick up the children, so I didn't do anything special during the week. That's why I like school days because on school days I can study English and I do the same things at home. --Cynthia

Last week my friend and I went to the park. It was a new park for me. Its name's Candlestick. It's located very far from my house so I took the #29 bus and rode a long time. This park is very interesting because it's wild enough and located on the Bay. We were there on Sunday. This was Easter and a lot of people celebrated there. They had a big party and it was fun. Some people were fishing. I saw some man catch a big fish. We had a good time and fun. I like to observe other people and their traditions. --Lyudmila