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CS 101 Information
People who are the official waitlists will have the opportunity to add the class. If both waitlists are full and you want to enroll in the class please send me and email. However, sending me an email does not guarantee that you will get an opportunity to add the class. Your chances will depend on how many of the people that are on the official waitlist decide not to add the class.

There is an official book for the class. This book is a special "interactive" book which can not be purchased at the CCSF bookstore, any other bookstore, or online. This book must be purchased from the publisher. You will have the opportunity to preview the book for two weeks without any cost to you. However, after two weeks you must purchase the book. If you have not purchased the book after two weeks you will no longer have access to the course material. You can purchase the book after the two week deadline however you will not have the opporunity to complete any work you have missed. So, if you have any financial or financial aid considerations please be mindful of this.

CS 111A Information
If you are enrolled, on the wait list, or want to add the class just show up to the first meeting. We will be using an open source book that will be available to you when you log into your Canvas account.

The classes and their waitlists are dynamic. That is, they can change. Therefore, you should check them periodically to see if you could add in.

To access online courses click on the Canvas Link and follow the login and/or problem resolution instructions. If you have any questions please email me at lgiambat@ccsf.edu

Tuesdays, from 10-11am in Batmale 301 (ACRC).