Lisa Harrison, Psy.D.
Psychology Instructor
Department of Behavioral Sciences
City College of San Francisco

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Schedule for Spring 2013


Psyc 21: Lifespan Development

Sec 8E1
Sec 832







Psyc 26: Applied Psychology

Sec 001
Sec 004
Sec 005




ARTX 181
ARTX 268

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Summer school registration begins April 15th!
See below for information about PSYC 21 online
during Summer Session 2013.

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Information About Online Courses

Information about Psychology 21 (Summer 2013):

I am teaching two online sections of Lifespan Development this summer. The summer section runs for 6 weeks. You must be prepared for the combination of the rigors of online learning along with learning about development from conception through death in a short period of time. This will be challenging, but the good news is that you will be learning interesting and personally relevant and applicable information in a course that will likely fulfill an important requirement or prerequisite! : )

The syllabus for the course will be posted here in the first week of June. I suggest that you wait until then before you buy any materials for the course. Please feel free to contact me via email if you have questions about the course and its requirements.

For students who plan to register (or who are currently registered) for the PSYC 21 summer section:

The orientation for Psyc 21 is totally online, and you will therefore not need to report to an in-person orientation on campus. You will not be able to access the course, including the online orientation, until the first day of classes for the Summer session (Monday, June 10, 2013).

You will receive log-in instructions via your CCSF Gmail account a few days before the summer session begins. These instructions will direct you to the log in page and provide detailed information about logging in. You will then need to wait until the first day of classes (6/10/13) to log in and begin your orientation. There are no required on-campus meetings for Psyc 21, including for exams. Please contact me right away if you do not get your log-in instructions by the first day of class.

Information about adding Psyc 21:

If the class is full when you attempt to register for it, you can try to register for the other section of Psyc 21 Online. If both are full, then I suggest that you register for the waiting list for one or both sections. If there is a spot on the waiting list you will be offered that option during the registration process.

Getting on the waiting list is the only way to possibly be added to the class once the class is full; I do not keep a separate waiting list beyond the official lists for each section of Psyc 21. If the waiting lists are full, I recommend that you check back daily as people do drop off the list for various reasons before classes begin.

Once classes begin I add people, as openings come up, in the order they appear on the waiting list. For online courses, students are not added according to registration date, but by the order in which they appear on the waiting list.

Please be rest assured that during the add/drop period I am very diligent about dropping people who are not participating and adding people from my waitlists. I know the course is very important for each person on the list, and I work hard to fill openings as soon as possible. If I can add you, I will contact you via your CCSF Gmail account, so be sure to check that email account regularly and/or have those emails forwarded to your preferred email address.

Waitlist FAQ will explain waitlists at CCSF in more detail. Please visit this page if you have further questions.

If you have never taken an online course before, you should be aware that it requires a great deal of self-motivation and initiative, as well as excellent organizational, time management, and study skills.

Are you ready to take an online course? Take a short self evaluation to help you decide.

Finally, I recommend that you also visit CCSF's Distance Learning website to prepare for your online learning experience. This site has an incredible number of helpful resources and lots of information for you to read before class starts, especially if you are new to online learning.

FAQ's for Distance Learning and Taking Online Courses at CCSF


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