THE PAST TENSE It was a beautiful night...

Objectives: * Use the past tense of irregular verbs.* Practice irregular verbs in affirmative sentences.

Directions: Complete the sentences by using the past tense of one of the verbs given below.

break, forget, eat, ride, go, have, ring, drink, see,

wake, speak, do, sleep, wear,mean, take, and write.

  1. The baby  soundly for eight hours last night.
  2. The telephone  five minutes ago.
  3. to him this morning. He said he liked it.
  4. First we  at the Cuban restaurant and then we  to the movies.
  5. The elevator  down on its way to the top floor.
  6. a beautiful ring, but I lost it.
  7. Mary  to John about the problem after the meeting.
  8. We  the new car model when we went to the show.
  9. She  her exercises after she  a letter to her parents in Nicaragua.
  10. He said one thing, but he  another.
  11. The Browns  a wonderful party last weekend.
  12. up this morning and stretched and yawned for a few minutes.
  13. We  the cable car to Chinatown last Monday. What a ride!
  14. Someone  my keys; I can’t find them.
  15. The girl  her new shoes to the party.
  16. He  a terrible pain in his arm so he called the doctor.
  17. He  his passport so they had to return home and get it.
  18. They  a bottle of wine with their dinner.
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