PRESENT PERFECTIt has rained all morning ...

Objectives: * Practice using the present perfect.
* Use the present perfect with regular and irregular verbs.

Directions: Complete the following sentences using the present perfect form of the verb.
Example: She has written (write) several letters to him.

  1. My wife and I  (eat) at that restaurant before.
  2. She says she  (be) in Alaska twice.
  3. The weather  (turn) cold in the last few days.
  4. They  (watch, always) the news at 6:00 p.m.
  5. The teacher  (give) us homework every day.
  6. He  (teach) English for many years.
  7. Mr. Rodriguez  (go) to Europe on business.
  8. The show  (start) on time tonight.
  9. The fire  (burn) the house and the barn.
  10. The newspaper  (arrive, not) this morning.
  11. They  (buy) a new car for their trip to Maine.
  12. The students  (use) that book all semester.
  13. She says that she  (see, already) that film.
  14. The mechanic  (fix ) the car.
  15. She  (open) the door with her keys.
  16. The students  (finish) their test.
  17. We  (have) a severe storm in this area.
  18. The flowers  (bloom) early this spring
  19. The orchestra  (begin) playing Latin music.
  20. The phone  (ring) three times this morning.
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