PRESENT PERFECTThey haven't finished painting the house.

Objectives: * Practice using the present perfect
* Practice using the negative form of the present perfect.

Directions: Complete the following sentences using the negative form of the present perfect.
Examples: They haven’t had a vacation since their baby was born.
She hasn’t finished her homework yet.

  1. He  (eat) anything in the last 12 hours.
  2. They  (study) chapter 15 of that book.
  3. The Japanese student  (be) in class lately.
  4. His father  (give) him money in three weeks.
  5. The weather  (be) nice since October.
  6. The class  (start) yet.
  7. (wear) those shoes in the last six months.
  8. The vacuum cleaner is broken, and you  (fix) it.
  9. The city  (recover) from that big earthquake.
  10. They  (send) us the books we ordered last month.
  11. The flight from Hawaii  (arrive).
  12. We  (have) any problems with our new car.
  13. The gardener  (cut) the grass lately.
  14. The family  ( buy) the house in San Diego yet.
  15. That printer  (work) well since we bought it.
  16. The president  (announce) his decision yet.
  17. The band  (begin) to play.
  18. We  (finish) this semester yet.      
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