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Contact Information

Name:   Nancy Webb
Office Address:   City College of San Francisco
    Batmale Hall, Room 460
  50 Phelan Avenue, San Francisco, 94112
Office Phone Number:   email is best way to reach me.  (415-239-3205)
Office hours: Online or by appointment.  Email for an appointment time.
Spring 2014 Schedule: * CS 101 online 
* CNIT 100 online
* CNIT 101 online

Fall 2014 Schedule: * Retired, not teaching any classes. Will miss all my students and everyone at CCSF!*

(Be sure to register early for any classes you want; online classes fill up quickly)

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Eye Competence with computers is required in most careers these days.  For success in the modern world, students need to understand  how modern technology is going to effect them not only on the job but in every facet of their lives.  Master the computer through understanding - be in charge of your life!
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Links to CCSF Course Catalog Descriptions

  • CS 101 Introduction to Information Systems (3)
    Introduction to the uses and technology of computers.  Emphasis is on the vocabulary of computer systems, hardware, software, networks, data representation and manipulation, communications, the Internet, ethics and privacy issues, and developments and trends.  Survey of job opportunities in the computer field and how computers are used in business, research and government.  Students use a computer application (spreadsheet) as a problem-solving tool and use macros and Visual Basic for Applications to learn programming fundamentals.
  • CNIT 100 Introduction to Computers Using PC's  (3)
    A computer literacy course using IBM-compatible computers. Prepares students to use computers to write papers, organize information, and use e-mail. Overview of computer components such as hardware, software, and data. Fundamentals of the Windows and other operating systems and applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, database, and e-mail and the Internet. Students use computers to complete their class assignments. CSU/UC/CAN CSCI 2 Formerly CIS 100P
  • CNIT 101 Operating systems I: Windows (3) Advise: CNIT 100
    A technical course about the Microsoft Windows operating system for students who have some computer experience. Learn techniques to manage a personal computer through the use of operating system utilities and commands. Practice setting up and customizing the interface and managing programs and data. Manage the computer system hardware. Compare several graphical user interfaces and command line interfaces. CSU Formerly CNIT 111 or 165
  • CNIT 102 Operating Systems II: Windows Command Line (3) Advise: CNIT 101
    An advanced course covering the use of the Windows command line interface. This course is especially for students planning to take a certificate in Windows NT or Hardware, or for advanced Windows users. Use of DOS commands and utilities. A detailed examination of batch files, CONFIG.SYS, AUTOEXEC.BAT, redirection and piping. Use of the DOS editor.
  • CNIT 131 Internet Basics and Beginning HTML (3) Advise: computer literacy
    P/NP available.  Repeat: max. 9 units
    Methods of using the Internet. History, design and protocol methods used on Internet including: electronic mail, mailing lists, Usenet, connection to remote computers, file transfer, World Wide Web, basic web page creation and publishing. Additional topics include: file compression and expansion, computer security, copyright and electronic commerce, and basic Unix shell commands. CSU
  • CS 150A Client Side Databases (3)
    Introduction to single-user database management systems. Design and development of relational database systems using client-based software. Students will use SQL and other database tools to define and manipulate the database. This course uses Microsoft Access software and includes a brief introduction to VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). CSU Formerly CIS 134A.

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The Mission statement of the San Francisco Community College District is:

Consistent with our Vision, City College of San Francisco provides educational programs and services that promote successful learning and student achievement to meet the needs of our diverse community:

Our primary mission is to provide programs and services leading to

  • Transfer to baccalaureate institutions;
  •  Achievement of Associate Degrees in Arts and Sciences;
  •  Acquisition of certificates and career skills needed for success in the workplace;
  •  Basic Skills, including learning English as a Second Language and Transitional Studies.

In addition, the college offers other programs and services consistent with our primary mission, only as resources allow and whenever possible in collaboration with partnering agencies and community-based organizations.

 City College of San Francisco belongs to the community and continually strives to provide an accessible, affordable, and high quality education to all its students. The College is committed to providing an array of academic and student development services that support students� success in attaining their academic, cultural, and civic achievements. To enhance student success and close equity achievement gaps, the college identifies and regularly assesses student learning outcomes to improve institutional effectiveness. As a part of its commitment to serve as a sustainable community resource, our CCSF mission statement drives institutional planning, decision making and resource allocation.

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Research Interests

PC Operating Systems
Internet Search Engines
Web page design
Distance education


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Other Interests

Reading, Writing, Anthropology, Travel, Science Fiction, Enology
May I recommend a trip up the Nile River to see the pyramids? Actually, travel anywhere and see the rest of the world. 

I serve on the Board of the Masquer's Playhouse, a community theatre in Richmond.  Come see a play!


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B.A., University of Maryland
Graduate and undergraduate courses at 
SF State, UC Berkeley Extension, Foothill College


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Honors and Awards

Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta (journalism), National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist, Maryland State Scholarship, NSF Scholarship to NYU to study Fortran in high school, scholarship to study at Tel Aviv University Semester Abroad Program

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