Instructor: Pierre Thiry

You will need to register for the course. By January 17, I will have added to the WebCT roster of the course CNIT 131  all the students who have registered with the College. By then you should be able to access the course by going to:

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Face to Face Orientation is optional for this course. However to get introduced to the course and to WebCT in a computer lab classroom environment, you can attend the orientation I will conduct on Thursday January 18 7:30-8:30pm, in Rosenberg Library Room 209.

last updated on 10/28/2006

Syllabus of CNIT 131 - INTERNET BASICS and BEGINNING HTML - Spring 2007

Instructor Information
Name: Pierre Thiry
Office location: Ocean Campus Room Science 147
Office hours: Wednesday 1-2pm   & Friday 11am-12pm and by appointment
Phone: 415-239-3594
Course Information
Course title: Internet Basics and Beginning HTML
Course number:

CNIT 131 CRN 36882 SEC 831 (3 Units)
CNIT 131 CRN 36883 SEC 832 (3 Units)

Course discipline: Internet
Course description: 3 hours lecture/week - 3 hours lab per week. Methods of using the Internet. History, design and protocol methods used on Internet including: electronic mail, mailing lists, Usenet, connection to remote computers, file transfer, World Wide Web, basic web page creation and publishing. Additional topics include: file compression and expansion, computer security, copyright and electronic commerce, and basic Unix shell commands requisite to shell account use.
Course date: Wednesday January 17, 2007 through Friday May 25, 2007
Location: On Line
Prerequisite(s): No Prerequisite. But this course expects a basic computer literacy.
Required reading: New Perspectives on The Internet- Comprehensive by Gary P. Schneider & Jessica Evans, Thomson-Course Technology, 6th Edition, 2007, ISBN 1-4188-6071
Policies on Copyright while using CCSF facilities
Introduction: CCSF Guidelines for lab use: Software in use in the lab and printed resource materials are copyrighted with all rights reserved except when explicitly described as public domain. Under copyright laws, these items may not be copied, photo-copied, reproduced or reduced to any electronic medium, in whole or in part. Any violation or attempt to violate copyright laws may result in disciplinary action.
Computer Requirement
: Your computer must meet the minimum requirements as listed by WebCT.
Course Requirements
Requirements: There will be weekly assignments. You will also be asked to participate  in discussion areas on the weekly topics.There will also be 3 exams and a comprehensive final. There will also be a few extra-credit assignments.
3 Tests ( 8 pts each) 24
Comprehensive Final (16pts) 16
Assignments 50
Participation to discussions 10
Total 100