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Welcome to my Home Page.  I am a retired instructor. I was with the CNIT department at CCSF and taught  classes on Basic Networking, Unix Networking, Apache Web Server, and the CCNA level classes of our Cisco Networking Academy.   I also sometimes taught Unix shell scripting with the CS department.  You can read a bit more on my background

 I teach part-time with the Computer Science Department. For information on the classes I am teaching see the schedule links below.    

  Spring 2016 Teaching Schedule 

CS160B, Unix/Linux Shell Scripting, 2 units.
  • Online Section 832, CRN 37206.  
  • Starts 3/21/16, ends on 5/26/16
  • For more info, including textbook, schedule, grading, & estimated hours/week, please read the Syllabus   &   Calendar

     This class is now open for enrollment via Web4.

     Important Note:  This late starting course requires the ability to work independently & put in significant effort each week.   See Course Syllabus for details.

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  • Contact Info:     


       Web:   (this web page)

       Phone:  tba

       Office Hours:   By arrangement. Online in class forums, and individually by email or Skype.    Email is the best way to reach me to setup a meeting.      

    The Internet Traffic
          Report monitors the flow of data around the world. It then
          displays a value between zero and 100. Higher values indicate
          faster and more reliable connections.