Steven Kessler, Instructor, Biological Sciences
City College of San Francisco





I teach Introduction to Microbiology (MB12) every semester, Human Biology (Bio9) most semesters,  and Bioethics (Bio55) occasionally.  I have also taught Heredity & Evolution (GEN10).

Thank you to all of my amazing students and colleagues.  It has been an amazing privilege to teach at City College at San Francisco since 2001!



In Microbiology, we cover topics such as infectious diseases, antibiotic use and resistance, genetic engineering, the structure of bacteria and viruses, and the evolution of life. 


In Bioethics, the emphasis is on the social impact of new technologies, such as cloning, genetic engineering, in vitro fertilization, and agriculture’s green revolution.  We also discuss pharmaceutical industry practices, the patenting of life forms and genes, and ecological ethics. 













Pictured above:  Two bacteria engaged in conjugation.  Bacterial conjugation is an important process covered in the “Lateral Transfer” lecture in MB12.  There is also a connection to patents as discussed in Bioethics and Genetics.  See if you can figure out that connection.