My Hero

  My hero is my mother. She has short black wavy hair and a round-face with a double chin. She always has a smiling face. She is always well dressed.

  She used to work at the bank of China in a small town for more thirty years. She is famous for her honesty. She is held in honor by everybody in the town. She is an easygoing and a helpful person. She helped the old people write a letter to their son or daughter, when the old peoples didn't how to write. She is an optimistic.  Her motto is," People must be honest. Tomorrow will be better."

  She is a good mother and a nice wife, She loves her family very much.
  So, When I just arrive here, I was very worried about my job and my future. At once, My mother's motto flashed into my mind. I felt better. I had a clear idea what I would do.

Now I am optimistic about my future. My mother is a good model in my life. She is my hero forever.

                                                Lan             Nov - 9 -2000