My Holiday

   In my country. We have a lot of Holidays, but my favorite Holiday is Chinese New year,because we have a big celebration.We get ready early, we clean up the house to get rid of bad fortune associated with old year ,We decorate with some of flowers. We buy a lot of food on the New Year Eve, my family has a great dinner. Even though all of my sisters are married they still come back home to have dinner with my parents and we enjoy together.

    The New yearíDay is a special day for me, I wake up early and come to my parents or grandparents to wishing some good luck,heath and happiness.After that we receive money in red envelop from them and some from my sisters who are married,We have few day to visit our relatives and also visit temples to pray for prosperity and good heath. .We enjoyed a lot of fun.

   We are very careful about what we do on the New YearíDay, If you  argue or fight with some one or break some thing, that is bad luck for whole year.  Therefore, everything and everyone you meet and talk with on New YearíDay will symbolize good fortune.

Happy New Year