My memorable holiday

When I was a little girl, my favorite holiday was Chinese New Year. When the Chinese New Year came, my mother had always bought a lot of food and made a bid holiday dinner with everything I liked. Chinese New Year is a traditional holiday in China. It is also the biggest and the most popular holiday in China. Every time we take a long vacation and visit friends that we cannot often see outside of the holiday.
The most memorable New Year is the one which I spent with my family and friends in China before I came to the U.S..I remember on the Mew Yearís Eve, all the relatives and my friends were invited to come over our family. We were enjoying the holiday dinner and watching a big TV show. These are important for Chinese people. When it was 12.00 in the morning we set off the fire crackers, and everyone was so exited. According to the Chinese culture, we were greeting New Yearís coming. After that, we talked and played a very interesting game until the daylight.

That holiday is special for me because a few of my friends gave up being with their family, but spending with me. Ií m very grateful, and have never forgotten that. Since I came here, Iíve missed them  a lot. I hope that I will go back to China next year. Iím looking forward to seeing them soon.