Today I'll tell you a story about a special person in my life. He isn't a star like Michael Jordan, nor rich man has a peculiar way of becomes successful. He is just a man likes someone around you.

    His father was a businessman and the family was very rich at that time. As he was a child, father was very strict to him. Only 5 years old, he was told to go to school. But once there was a war, and his father was arrested by some political reasons. So life there became harder and harder...

    When he was in Grade 7, he went to another city with his elder sister. By his hard work, he attended a very famous university and chose chemistry for his main field. Because he was a literary talent, all his essays became popular in his university. But the world is unfair. After his graduation, he was assigned to a commercial foundry to become a foundry worker.

    Like the wait and see man, maybe it's not bad to him. During the days there, he was devoted to write his own book about some original philosophical thinking. After it was published, it became his large success. Some foreign publishing houses soon came to buy the copyright and the national scientific research institute invited him to do some research there for years.

    After that he was invited to be a philosophical professor in a university in his hometown. There he met a beautiful woman who became his wife 3 years later. After their baby was born, he thought may be he should change his life for hisfamily. He wanted to make it better for his son so that when the baby is growing up, he could meet fewer problems than his father had.

    Two years later, he went abroad to start a new but harder life in a foreign country. After several yearsí hard working, he owned a sweater factory and now he has a reunion with his whole family.

    Now you've known a corner of my father's hard lift already. What do you think about him? Is he both very ordinary and very great?

David  Hua
Nov 9th