A holiday on the beach

About thirteen years ago in Ubatuba, a city near Sao Paulo , Brazil, which has wonderful beaches, I spent an unforgettable holiday.  I was just sixteen years old and all things there were pretty new for me. That was my first time without my parents. Instead I was with my uncles and some friends. It was a moment of freedom, without a parent's control that included adventure and danger.

After spending one day there I saw a kayak for two people in the backyard of my uncle's house and I had an idea and said to myself "how about a  boat ride?" I had never ridden a boat but I had watched a lot in movies  in the television. Immediately I told a friend of mine about that  idea and he bought it. We carried the kayak to the beach and started the journey.

After two hours, we realized that we had gotten lost and the shore was so far that we couldnít see it. We tried to figure it out "but how?"

And so I said, "Itís 9:00 o' clock, the sun rises on the east , can you see it?"

"Yes" he said.

And I continued "and the shore is in the west part so we might  take the west direction," I said.

Fighting against the sea and the Atlantic current we reached the shore after ten hours rowing. Some sunburn, exhausted muscles but alive. We returned to my uncle's house and slept about ten hours more. 

And the lesson that I got from that episode was too simple and useful. If you are not sure about the equipment and the direction, wait a little more, ask about and find out information about your future plan. In summary, be prepared for all things that can happen.

Daniel Andriani  11/17/00