My Hero


Actually my hero is like a dream, real and not real, but he is truly real. It's simple to tell you that my little hero has been fighting his enemy for fifty years with patience, really strong patience, for fifty years struggling. He is  almost supernatural. My hero is fighting his enemy all the time. My hero canít sleep, even if his enemy is bigger than him has the power and has the weapons. Even if his the enemy is using many political systems to stop him or anyone like him (or) using any kind of intimidation, nothing is going to help and nothing is going to stop his anger or his revolution. My little hero is still standing on his legs to face his enemy with real power. I think my little hero is the strongest, the toughest and the most powerful in this world. My hero is over there fighting for his family, for his killed brother, for his killed father, for his killed friend, for his land, for his religion, for his freedom, for everything he has. Despite whar they are doing to him, he'll keep on seaching for his purpose. My hero is not scared of death. He is always brave when he faces his enemy and he will keep fighting until he gets what he wants.
We live in this huge world and as we see so many problems are happening around us, but we have to face these problems because the world has its law. The law says everything has beginning and it has end. For example, if you look at people around you, their beginning is birth and their end is death.
So that's the law of our life. This type of tyranny in palestine or any other country, is't going to take too long. When judgement day comes, they'll pay a lot. Let me introduce my hero. My hero is every Palestinian child. His weapon is the rock. That is my little hero!

Some palestinian photo

The story written by khaled Albadani in  11/14/00