December 5,2000

I like holidays. Every holiday has something special, but in my heart forever will remain one holiday whose name is Youngest Day. This holiday celebrates young people, but elderly enjoy it, too. In all my country there is no school this day (May 25). Students travel, play sports, dance, sing, have special food and special clothing, parades and carnivals. Every school prepares for this day all year. Many young people this day win some awards, and change life in the future.

I remembered one Youngest's Day when I was eighteen years old. This year every school from my hometown went to capital city to play sports and dance. Many people and the president of my country watched  us dance  kolo. When my group started to dance, I forgot what I wanted to do. I just stayed frozen. Spectators began clapping hands. A few seconds after, I woke up and began to dance. After, I felt very bad for long time.