Venette Cook's Project Page

Podcasting Project:

The CCSF Career Exploration Project:

Here are some materials, classroom activities, and resources for job and career training. You can help students learn about the Mission Hiring Hall, the CCSF Job Placement Center, and also about job search skills with Craigslist.

The CCSF Teaching Tolerance Project

If you are looking for materials, ideas, and resources to help you teach and nurture tolerance, understanding and justice in your classes and in our world, check out this website. Please send us links and ideas so we can more easily be the change we want to see.

Conflict Management

A lesson about the San Francisco Community Boards, and conflict management. Students learn vocabulary, watch a video and find dialog or writing prompts.


SCANS Discussion Project

Classroom ready materials for discussing SCANS competencies with your intermediate ESL students. These materials include teaching notes and 5 mingle/warm-up activities, 5 sets of discussion questions for dictation, and suggestions for learning log ideas. You could use these materials on-line or download and use in a traditional class environment.

The CCSF Tech Committee

This committee began working in the Fall 2000 semester to create a unified Department tech committee. As of Fall 2006, I am Chair for this committee. We meet online and face to face and welcome your ideas at anytime. We post minutes on the ESL Teachers' Website at CCSF. We will continue to share ideas, goals, and successes for:

1) using the Internet wisely, for student learning and faculty support,
2) evaulating computer software, hardware and
3) developing classroom materials to support teachers new to computer technology.

Vocabulary on the Internet for Beginning ESL Students

Follow these links to learn and practice vocabulary. Students can do these with classmates, alone or with friends and family. These exercises are from teachers in many different schools.

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