My last Chinese New year

    My last Chinse New Year was celebrated in China. It was so unforgetable. The Chinese New Year is very important festival in China, because it is time when the whole family get together.

    The days before New Year, my parents poured out their money to buy presents, clothing and food. My family was busy cleaning house, sweeping away all the ill-fortune and making wishes for good luck in the coming year. At that time, my uncle, who took the vacation, rushed back home from the U.S. Another uncle wasn't able to come back, but he called my home to say "Happy New Year!"

Sweeping during Chinese New Year is very unlucky as you might sweep
                          he new year luck right out of your house!

    On Chinese New Year Day? we had dinner together. We had Jiaozi, dumpling boiled in water. Jiaozi in Chinese symbolizes good wishes for a family. After dinner, it was time for the whole family to get ready for the night. We played cards and watched television. Here was another important thing for me and my sister. We receives lucky money from my parents. At midnight, the whole sky was full of the fireworks and firecrackers.Our excitement reaches its zenith. This beautiful, natural scenery always filled my heart with joy.

    The next morning, the family started out to say greeting from door to door with us. My relatives visited each other,  with a great deal of gifts. On the following days, I went outside with my friends to have fun.

    The Chinese New Year ends in Lantern Festival. We ate food with which stuffed sweet filling and chinese tan yuan which made by my mom and me.

    The Chinese New Year is a good time for making resolutions. As for me, this always means that I will try my best to study hard.

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Samantha Lin