Good food in Sanfrancisco

            Every where people go, they must find something to eat.  These days when people spend their money. they like to have things that taste good and have a fair price as well.  There are so many kinds of foods and lots of places to eat specially in the big city likeSanfrancisco.  Eating is one of my favorite hobbies, so let us recommend you some of ourfavorite places.  We're not sure if it is the best in sanfrancisco or not because we're here only a year but all these places cheer us up when we're depressed and they are not expensive at all.  First, authentic Thai food, if you like something hot or love chili, it's for you.  Second, Japanese food, if you like more healthy for example; sushi.  Third,
Korean food, it's for the one that's more simple such as barbecue or something grill.  Fourth, Chinese food, it's so easy eating and so cheap as well for example; dim sum.  And the last, European food, if you love more cheese, butter and bread.  I hope this advice can help you to get an idea when you're hungry and need something different to eat.

These are my favorite restaurants;

Sushi Rock(Japanese)
1608 Polk Street. San Francisco, CA 94109
 Tel: (415) 345-1690 Fax: (415) 345-1691

Ton Kiang Restaurant(Dim Sum)
5821 Geary Boulevard. San Francisco, CA 94121
Mon-Thu 10:30AM-10:00PM; Fri 10:30AM-10:30PM; Sat-Sun
Tel: 415-387-8273; Fax: 415-387-8021

Hahn's Hibachi(Korean, Asian,Korean, Bar-B-Q,Japanese,
Mediterranean )
1710 Polk St. San Francisco, CA

Marnee Thai Restaurant
2225 Irving St. San Francisco, CA94122
(415) 665-9500