My the most favorite holiday is a New Year. It was so merry and so  hopefully on the eve of  New Year! All of the streets and squares of  city were decorated  with  different sizes of Christmas trees, which were adorned a very nice toys , candies, stars. It was frosty on 31 of December. All families and friends gather for meeting and feast. They present  any gift each other, especially, much gifts they give a children. Santa Clause and his daughter - in Russia they are named as Ded Moroz  and Snegurochka - greeting all children and treat them with a candies and fruit. All of the building and the streets are covered by the snow, all shines and glitters.

    We have always bought a Christmas tree and decorated it. We have bought a Champaign and prepared any testy food for New Year Feast. And every eve of  New Year we visited  a Saint Petersburg Symphony Hall where we listened to music of John Strauss. We liked this days and we will  always remember them !