My Double Celebration

    Iíll tell you a short story why I celebrate my double holiday on Christmas every year.  My daughterís family left my former country ten years ago. She had graduated from Kiev University and already worked, but  she left our former country because the Communist regime was difficult for life.  My wife and I stayed in Ukraine and we didnít know when we could see our grandsons and daughter again.   There was the possible situation that we could never see them.   My grandsons were too young:  the older was 16 and younger was 8.  My daughter was 38.

    Our daughter manifested maximum effort for our coming to America. Then, in two years, on Christmas, we arrived at airport of San Francisco after my daughterís family had come  here .   We were glad to see and be together with our children.  And we were happy to be in San Francisco.   Thatís why we have double holiday on December 25.  It was our reunion on Christmas.  Two important events coincided: our reunion and Christmas.  And every year we celebrate this date.


12/04/00      CALL   10:15
        Viktor Sinayskiy