2000 . 11/1                                                      Xiaohong Wang

My Thanksgiving Day in U.S.A

       A few days ago, my husband and I visited Seattle and Portland on invitation. Seattle is a beautiful city; there are a lot of plants along the streets. I also visited Boeing and Microsoft. Both of them are world famous companies. They left me with a very good impression.

         On Thanksgiving Day, I visited Portland. I will never forget that day. In the morning, when we drove out from hotel, we could find no place to have breakfast, Every restaurant was closed. It was terrible, and we drove around the city for a long time. At last we found an American restaurant. After breakfast, we visited Mount St. Helen. Itís a beautiful mountain with snow. We had to drive carefully when we went up to the top of mountain because the road was slippery, but the view of the mountain was very beautiful, and we didnít regret going there. When we came back from the mountain, all of us felt hungry and tired. We searched for restaurants everywhere but every store was closed, it was bad for us. After two hours we found Dennyís was open, the great Dennyís saved us. What a nice lunch it was! But we didn't know where to have dinner. Itís an awful day for visitors.

      Although it was hard trip for me, it was an interesting trip. Maybe on Thanksgiving Day next year, I will remember that day in the United States.