PowerPoint presentations - Samples

From the basics on creating a presentation to tips on animation. Enjoy!

Note: Everything on this page deals with PowerPoint 2002, aka XP. 2003 for Windows and 2004 for the Mac are almost the same with some changes in the interface. PowerPoint 2007 for Windows and 2008 for the Mac are different animals, with different formats.

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General PowerPoint Intro and Guidelines on using PowerPoint

All presentations in and for PowerPoint XP/2002 (not the 2007 version):

Effective PowerPoint: How not to look like an amateur

Tips on colors, text parameters, presentation. Simple, basic and essential

Making a quick Text-based presentation

Quick, dirty - but pretty: If you have a small window of time and know what you want to say...

Powerpoint: Text and pictures

Long presentation: All the basic moves - more than you can absorb, but good to refer back to.

PowerPoint Templates
Slide Shows: Quick pic display

Making a PowerPoint Slide Show

Creating a photo album in powerPoint from a group of pictures

Sample picture: Straight from a digital camera


When you're Ready - If you need to...

Animations in PowerPoint

Sample presentation for animation practice
(Right-click on a Windows computer, or Control-click on Mac and choose Save Target as... or Save As)

Lynda Hirose - "Filling out" a form


PowerPoint and Accessibility: Teachers' (legal) obligations
under Section 508


Section 508 mandates, among other things, that computer and web content for students provided by institutions like CCSF comply with guidelines that allow disabled students to access that content. Guidelines include:

  • Chosen colors should have enough contrast to make text easily visible
  • Colors should not convey most meaning because of color-blindness
  • All pictures must have Alt tags

Here's a fairly detailed summary:

Stephen Bouikidis, Avoiding the Target Trap: Creating Accessible Section 508 Compliant Content

Make sure your PowerPoint presentations are accessible and conform to 508 guidelines by checking them with the inexpensive LecShare program. LecShare can also export your presentations to captioned Movies in QuickTime, or to Web pages that have a table of contents and text for your narration.

The LecShare site has examples. Here's one of mine (pardon the typos...)

PowerPoint and LecShare


PowerPoint in other forms

Saving PowerPoint in various formats for the Web

PowerPoint Saved in different formats: Examples to view and download

Check out how these examples look in BOTH Internet Explorer and FireFox - and Safari and Opera if you have them available...

New sites:

SlideShare.net: Make your PowerPoint's accessible on the Web in Flash format

280Slides.com: Create PowerPoint-like presentations ON the web, using only your browser.

Last updated: November 4, 2008

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Last Updated: November 4, 2008