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Behavioral Sciences



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San Francisco, CA 94112
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SCHEDULE  FOR Spring 2013
Course Days From To Room
Sociology 1 online n/a n/a online
Sociology 35 online n/a n/a online

Online class information

Orientation information for Soc. 1 and Soc. 35 classes will be e-mailed to (to your CCSF e-mail account) approximately one week prior to the beginning of the semester. There are no required on-campus meetings for Soc. 1 or Soc. 35 classes, inclusive of exams.  On campus orientation meeting available by appointment; contact the instructor using Insight e-mail ("walled garden mail") to make arrangements.

Students registered for Soc. 1 section 831 and/or Soc. 35 section 831 will be able to access the course via CCSF Insight on the first day of this class -- January 14, 2013.  Note that the class will not be available until the first official day of the semester. 

Information about adding Soc. 1 and/or Soc. 35:  If the class is full when you attempt to register for it, I recommend that you register for the waitlist for the section you are wanting to add.  If there is space on the wait list you will be offered that option during the registration process.  Getting on the wait list is the only way to have the possibility of adding once the class is full; I do not keep a separate wait list beyond the official waiting list for each section of Soc. 1 and Soc. 35.  If the wait lists are full, I recommend checking back daily as people do drop off the list for various reasons.  Please see Waitlist FAQ for more detail about the CCSF wait list process.

In closing, I recommend that you also visit CCSF's Distance Learning website to prepare for your online learning experience.  This site has a number of very helpful resources and information to consider before class starts, especially if you are new to online learning.



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