Ecology of San Francisco Bay  
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Research Assignment

If you are aiming for an A or B, you will need to do research on a particular topic related to the ecology of San Francisco Bay and  present this topic to the class in a 4-5 minute presentation. Please choose a topic from the attached list and email me your choice or let me know your choice by the day of our orientation. Topics will be assigned on a first come first served basis. Don't start your research until you have heard from me.

Make this presentation informative and interesting.  Enhance both the research paper and your presentation with at least two visuals. Evaluate your research - would you like to listen to it as someone enrolled in the class? Your research assignment is due on Thursday, October 10, at 5pm. Please email one copy to me ( by 5 pm. Bring another copy to class on Saturday to assist you in your presentation to the class. Late assignments: -10%, accepted until October 11, 5:00 pm.

Use your own words in the report. Do not plagiarize. For a brief review on what constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid it, please read this file and if you have any questions, please contact me. I am happy to help!

Minimum requirements:

  1. 1000 words, typed.  Email to either in Microsoft Word or pdf format by Thursday, October 10, 5 pm.
  2. Three different sources, properly cited. Reference your sources in the text. e.g. (Save the Bay 2002) and in a reference section at the end of your document (click here for an example or make an appointment with me).  If you are using internet sources, you must list the addresses of all pages used, not the homepage.  Different pages from the same site, however, do not count as different sources.
  3. Make it interesting, think about what really interests you about this topic and what might interest your fellow students. Always relate what you are saying to San Francisco Bay!
  4. Enhance your presentation with at least two properly cited visuals that you might pass around during your talk.
  5. Practice your presentation to stay in the 5 minute limit and to better capture the attention of your listeners.

You will find resources to get you started on your research on the course homepage at and on the topics list.