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Ecology of San Francisco Bay  
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Crima Pogge 2010



Here is the Final - please submit by Monday, October 28, 5 pm by email to cpogge@ccsf.edu.



Note: Our ecology weekend classes all fill very fast, but only two thirds usually show for the orientation. If you are interested in this course, please email me or just attend the orientation. So far, I never had to turn anyone away!


If you are enrolled - please put these dates into your calendar:

Mandatory orientation: Thursday, 9/26, 6:10-09:00PM, SCIE 303

1st field day: Saturday, 10/12, 9:00-04:00PM: We are meeting at 9 am sharp at Heron’s Head Park, corner of Jennings Street and Cargo Way – be on time!!!!!!!!

2nd field day: Saturday, 10/19, 9:00-04:00PM: We are meeting at 9 am sharp at the Bay Model, 2100 Bridgeway, Sausalito, be on time!!!!!!!!

On this page you will find information contained in the syllabus for this class:

(note: this is last Fall's syllabus, some changes might occur)


Crima Pogge, cpogge@ccsf.edu
Office hours: Tue 12:40-1:40 (S312A) and Fri 11-12 (S350)

Course website: http://fog.ccsf.edu/~cpogge/Bio25

Learning Objectives (formal SLOs here)

Through individual research, presentations, guided field observations and hypothesis forming students will increase their knowledge and appreciation of the ecology of the San Francisco Bay.

We will visit six different areas of SF Bay and discuss factors that shaped the bay and led to the diversity of plants and animals that use and depend on it. We will experience first-hand some of the wonders of and threats to this incredible natural resource so close to seven million people.

Course Format:

Evening Orientation: In the three-hour evening meeting on Wednesday, September 26, from 6:00-9:00 PM (Science Building room 303), we will meet each other and review this syllabus and the plan for the weekend. There will be a lecture introducing the ecology of SF Bay, and some activities building field observation skills.

Field trips: We will explore SF Bay on Saturday, October 12 (9:00-4:00), and Saturday, October 19 (9:00-4:00). The days will be a mix of guided tours, peer presentations, and field investigations.

Note: TRANSPORTATION IS NOT PROVIDED, we will form car pools during our orientation.

Course requirements/assignments

If you are satisfied with a C or are taking the class for credit only you must be present during the full 17 hours, turn in the pre-class assignment, participate in field activities and pass the open notes quiz at the end with a C or better.

If you are aiming for an A or B: In addition to the requirements for a C, you will have to do a research paper on a particular topic that will be assigned to you (click here for details) and present your findings to the class in a informal 5 minute presentation. Believe it or not, after initial reluctance, most students find that researching a topic on their own enhances their experience in the course!

Open notes quiz: There will be a open notes quiz covering information presented in the lecture and during field trips. You will need to take clear notes.

Field Preparation:

This is a field ecology course that will take place regardless of weather. Be prepared for a variety of weather conditions (rain, wind, bright sun) and terrain (sturdy, comfortable shoes, long pants). Notebooks and pens or pencils are obvious necessities; clipboards and backpacks are suggested. Bring a lunch and whatever snacks you'll need, along with plenty of water. Several of the sites do not have bathrooms, so be prepared for that as well. Note that we will have a potluck on Sunday.


Because you will receive one full unit for only 17 hours of class/field time, full attendance and absolute promptness is required. Arriving late or leaving early will assure you of losing a full grade point (from an “A” to a “B”). You must come to ALL of the class meetings for the FULL time.

All students are required to attend the evening lecture and the two weekend field days. YOU MAY NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE COURSE IF YOU MISS THE THURSDAY EVENING MEETING.


C or credit/non credit: satisfactory attendance, home quiz with C or better.

B: satisfactory attendance, quiz and good research paper/presentation

A: satisfactory attendance, quiz and excellent research/presentation

Note: All of the information in this syllabus is subject to change if necessary.