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A Sample First Visit to

le M00


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Here are some suggestions for a first visit:

  1. Log in by typing:
    cree [your chosen name] [your chosen password]
    This will create a temporary character which will last 30 days.

  2. Next, you might like to enter a description for your temporary character. Type:
    @decris-moi comme [a description of your character]
    Be sure to write it in the 3rd person, e.g. X est grand et intelligent. Il est chauve et il porte des lunettes.

  3. Now you might like to consult the map so you can decide which places you'd like to visit. Type:
    regarde plan

  4. To see if anyone else is visiting the MOO, type:
    A list will appear of all those logged on which also indicates their locations.

  5. If you'd like to send a message to any of those logged in, maybe to ask them to join you, type:
    page [name of player] [your message]
    For example, page marianne Viens me parler!

  6. To go to another location in the MOO, type:
    @va [location]

  7. To "talk" to someone, type:
    dis [your message] OR just type one set of quotation marks preceding your message,
    "[your message]
    For example, dis Salut, je suis de San Francisco, et toi?

  8. To see the description of a character or an object located in the MOO, type:
    regarde [name of player or object]


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