Costa Rica Photo Gallery

Birds and Wildlife at Rancho Naturalista

January 2009 -- Digiscoped images by Joseph Morlan

Green Ibis (Mesembrinibis cayennensis)
24 January 2009, CATIE Botanical Garden, Costa Rica Some authors call this the Cayenne Ibis. This monotypic species ranges mostly through South America reaching Costa Rica at its northern limit where it is fairly uncommon. The green is a subtle iridescence which is dependent on light and angle. This individual seemed have more of a purple shine. The shaggy looking neck feathers on the back of the neck are characteristic as is the bare facial skin. The bill is more substantial and heavier at the base compared to the more widespread Glossy Ibis (Plegadis falcinellus). The Green Ibis also has much shorter legs, especially the tibia, cf. the Glossy Ibis. This individuals legs don't even show up in the short grass. Note the mud on the bill. Ibis feed by probing in the mud for worms. Panasonic Lumix LZ5 / Nikon FieldScope 3 / 30X WA hand-held (no adapter)
Joseph Morlan