Selected Links
Updated 24 February 2023

National Birding Hotline Cooperative - Search the archives of "BirdWest"; "BirdChat" and other birding mailing lists.
Birders' Dashboard - Recent rarity sightings and hotspots from eBird.
TuffBirds - National Summary of recent RBA reports of rarities of ABA difficulty code of 2 or higher.
Frontiers of Bird Identification - Latest cutting edge information and discussion. Updated link!
Visual Resources for Ornithology - All bird images, now digitized.
Macauley Library Catalog of Natural Sounds - Entire Cornell collection online for free!
Xeno-Canto - Extensive collection of bird sounds from around the world.
Birds of North America Online - Subscription service is $40/year. Definitely worth it for online access to the complete series.
AOU Checklist - Pending proposals Updated link!
Earbirding - Recording, identifying, and interpreting bird sounds
Bent's Life Histories - Most species accounts now online courtesy of "Birdzilla." New link!
Sora - Searchable online research archive; includes Auk, Condor, Wilson Bulleton, Pacific Coast Avifauna, Western Birds, etc. New link!
Auk & Condor online - Recent issues now available for free!
Biodiversity Heritage Library - Searchable online archive of old ornithology texts and periodicals.
AMNH Scientific Publications - American Museum of Natural History Novitiates, Bulletins, etc. online.
Scientific discussion of Ornithology - Search the archives of the Ornith-l mailing list. New link!
Bird Banding Laboratory - Report banded and color marked birds here.
BirdSource - Historical Christmas bird count data and other great bird projects.
World Bird Guide - Over 3,000 sound files and over 1,000 species photographed.
Internet Bird Collection - 6,742 species with 43,947 total bird videos
All About Birds - Online Bird Guide with photos and sounds from Cornell University.
eNature - Another online field guide with photos and sound.
Printable Bird Checklists - Checklists plus information on new species around the world.
AviBase - Complete searchable list of birds of the world with synonyms in many languages.
Bird Data Project - Complete world bird lists including subspecies and synonomies.
Bird Hybrids - Bird Hybrids Database, alpha version.
Powdermill Bird Banding - Amazing detailed photos. Check out the "Past Pictorial Highlights." - Anglo-American birding site includes the birder's sketchbook (with many Californian pages), ID articles, pelagic directory etc.
Master Guide to the Warblers of Canada - Provincial Museum of Alberta study skins.
Robert Royse's Bird Photography
- Dan Lockshaw's owl site.
NestCams - Watch nesting birds around the world.
Bird Watching Tips - Beginnerís Guide to Bird Watching Around Your Home.New!

California and the Bay Area
eBird-California - California's desination for birding on the web. New link!
Central Valley Bird Club Bulletin - PDF downloads available for most articles. New link!
Audubon California - Building a culture of conservation in the Golden State; includes accounts of Important Bird Areas.
Northern California Birders' Voice Mail (Bird Box) - Read the transcripts or call (415) 681-7422 to learn about the latest rarity sightings and share your sightings with others.
California Bird Records Committee - Document your observations for the ornithological record or check out our photo gallery of rarities.
Western Field Ornithologists - Subscribe to "Western Birds," the premier journal for West Coast birders.
California Birding Email Digest - Lastest postings on birding throughout California.
California Christmas Bird Counts - Up-to-date listing and highlights.
Bird Walks in the San Francisco Bay Area - Calendar of nature events.
BirdingPal - California birders willing to help.
Los Farallones - The Farallon Blog
Don Roberson's Page - Bird families of the world, identification and distribution topics.
Adam Winer's Page - BirdBox Statitistics, local rarity photos, etc.
South Bay Birders Unlimited - Maps of the salt ponds and tide schedules for Palo Alto.
Mark Eaton's Page - Excellent tips on avoiding seasickness, bird quizzes and more. - Les Lieurance's superb video clips.
California Bird Species of Special Concern - Now with full species accounts and maps. New!
Denise Wight's Birding Pages - Denise Wight's birding site with focus on the East Bay.
Adam Paul's Birding Pages - Including great photos and notes from my birding classes in his Blog!
Steve Hampton's Gull Page - Major resource on large gull identification.
Gull Flow Charts - Handouts from my gull identification classes.
Birds of Jasper Ridge - Peter LaTourrette's gallery of outstanding bird photographs.
Don DesJardin's Birds - Another excellent site for bird photos and video. New link!
California Birds - About 180 species photographed by Ashok Khosla, all with dates and localities.
Mike Danzenbaker's Bird Photography - Outstanding photos around the world.
Bird Light Wind - Walter Kitundu's site.
DigiBird - Digiscoping with a Bay Area Slant.
Magpie Monitors - Reserarch Yellow-billed Magpie population dynamics.
Wildlife Rehabilitation Facilities - Approved by the California Dept. of Fish & Game.

Bird Research Opportunities
Golden Gate Raptor Observatory - Volunteer to be part of the only full time raptor migration study on the West Coast.
Point Reyes Bird Observatory - Participate in avian research.
San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory - Help monitor the avifauna of San Francisco Bay.
Western Bird Banding Association - Help promote bird-banding as a means to learn about migration and biology of Western Birds.

Local Weather
San Francisco Five Day Forecast - Includes animated 3-D fog forcasts.
Offshore Weather - Wind and wave buoys. New link!
Vagrant Weather - What's good for vagrants.
San Francisco Bay Wind Patterns - Animated in real time. New link!
Southern California Wind Patterns - Animated in real time. New link!
Tide and Current Predictor - Plan ahead for rails and shorebirds.

About Me
Western Pacific Odyssey - Yokahama to Sydney - Sequoia Audubon Presentation - Access Passcode: dF7gbu%! Direct video link. New!
Lumping and Splitting - YouTube video Interview hosted by Lois Richter New!
Bird Banter Podcast - Interview hosted by Edward Pullen. Apple podcast version. New!
Bird Identification Panel - Western Field Ornithologists Conference 2021. New!
Cape to Cape Adeventure - Sequoia Audubon Presentation - Access Passcode: $6O222A@ Direct video link. New!
Hummingbirds - Evolution and Diversity - YouTube video of me lecturing.
Newspaper Profile - From the Pacifica Tribune New!
Newspaper Profile - From the Mercury News
Who Was Who in Calfornia Birding - Brief biography with photos 1965-1989 by Don Roberson
Digiscoping Tips - Secrets of hand-holding.
Facebook - I sometimes post photos here.
Poker Bluffing Strategy - From a former life. Also follow-up here.

My Photos
My Gallery - Selected bird images at
Joe Morlan's Gallery - At
Photos from Joe Morlan - At
Birds-Pix Archive - My postings to the Birds-Pix mailing list are archived here (membership required)
Oriental Bird Club - Some of my photos in their database.
My eBird Photos - Archived at the Macaulay Library New!

Other Western States
Oregon - Greg Gillson's site
Washington - Dan Victor's site
Nevada - Great Basin Bird Observatory
Arizona - Arizona Field Ornithologists
Baja - The Birds of Baja

Still can't find it...
World Birding Links - Perhaps the largest collection of birding related links anywhere.