Write an Ending to the Story Working at the Bank.

I was surprised and embarrassed. I showed the note to the guards and apologized to them for my misunderstanding. I had lunch with him and treated. I told him that I was always afraid of bankrobbers. The truth was that he was a policeman and he taught me how to guard myself. We became good friends.--Mizuho

"I don't like to eat lunch with a stranger," I thought. Because I was scared of everybody near me, I spoke loud and said, "No."--Lai Kan

After I read the note, I felt very nervous and embarrassed. I told the guards it was just a misunderstanding and I told the man, "Please communicate straightforwardly, because this is a bank. If you drop a note in the window, it makes me feel scared."--Helen

I felt very embarrassed and I said, "I'm so sorry. I misunderstood it." That man was scared when the guards came. Now his face turned red and he asked me, "Now I'm afraid of you, but I still want to have lunch with you. Could I?" I didn't know if I should accept or not. I said, "Thank you very much! My friend already told me to have lunch together. Maybe next time!"--Cindy

It was an amusing situation. When I finished reading, the guards were still holding him. My face became red and I felt awful and embarrassed. The man and I looked at each other when the guards released him. I apologized and he smiled and said, "That's okay. I understand. It's your job. I think I scared you. I'm sorry too. I didn't want to do that. You are so beautiful I wanted to invite you to lunch with me. And this story finished with a happy ending.--Julia

After I read this story, I knew it was a misunderstanding between them. I think the man loved or liked her. It was funny. I hope it doesn't happen again.--Lindy

The woman was surprised. When the guard came there fast, she stood up and said to the guard, "He is a good man. He scared me." She told the man, "I can go with you for coffee and to eat lunch." She worked in this bank for a long time and when new workers came she would tell this story. She was the best teller in the bank.--Iosif

The woman was surprised because someone invited her for lunch. Then the teller was very scared, and she looked at the guards. It's my opinion.--Amelita

"Oh my goodness! I made a big mistake. He's my new boyfriend but I thought that he rejected me. I didn't want to hear that. That's why I hit the alarm button. I'm so sorry. After that I'm going to have lunch with him."--Giryun

I showed this note to the guards and they started to laugh. They freed this scared man and apologized to him. The man was very afraid of me and couldn't say anything. All the coworkers were very surprised at me and also laughed. I was very embarrassed about what I did. First, I looked like a crazy person to my coworkers, and second, I understood that maybe I would miss my future love.--Irina

"Excuse me. Thank you for your invitation, but I have had lunch already. Are you interested in opening a free checking account? We have a promotion and a good benefit for you. It is unlimited withdrawal. Even if you forget to deposit money into your account, you could still use your checking any time because it will automatically transfer the money from your savings account to the checking account. You don't have to worry about any fee. That's very convenient for you." Then he said, "That's wonderful! Thank you for your advice. Okay, I am going to get it. Thank you. Have a good day."--Kerry

When the lady read the note, "Would you have lunch with me?" she was so surprised. Then she passed the note to the guard and the guard said to the man, "Don't do this again. It is very dangerous." Then they released the man. The man walked again in front of the lady and said, "I'm so sorry to make you so scared. Would you have lunch with me?" The lady nodded and she was so happy at that time.--Emily

I was very surprised. I was very apologetic for what we did. I thought I made a mistake and the guards who were holding the man thought it was a mistake too. I think it was a great experience that happened while I was working at the bank. It made me remember never to do it again.--Tony