Write an Ending to the Story Working at the Bank.

The guards said, "Why did you do that? You know, we'd guess you were a thief. Don't do that again. If you want a young lady to have lunch with you, you can tell her."--Victoria

I think the man put his hand into his pocket and pulled out a note because he can't talk and he also needs the people's help. That's why he took the note and wrote something down. He needed their help. After they finished helping him, he also wanted to invite them to have lunch together.--Yan Ling (Jasmin)

"Do you know me?" "I just started working today. Someone tell me." "We were classmates in high school. I'm John. Do you remember me now?" "Just one second. Now I remember you. Is your nickname Pigi? Long time no see. What's up?"--Yoon-Saing

Then I said to that person, "I'm so sorry about this. I was just afraid you might rob me." That guy said, "Would you still like to have lunch with me? So I had lunch with him that day. After a year I got married to him. I fell in love with him because he is a very intelligent and kind guy.--Simin

She was new and didn't have much experience. Therefore, everyone looked suspicious to her and it's very common because experience makes a person perfect. Some people are scared of their own shadow.--Muhammed

I was surprised and confused, because I didn't see him before. I told the guards, "I'm very sorry about this occasion." This man was calm. He explained that he fell in love with me, but I'm married, so this case was over.--Nelli

After that, I think that person felt so sorry about the man she made the mistake about. She should explain to him about her inexperience at the job, and she should try to get used to being more relaxed every day if she wants to work in the bank.--Julie

After she read the note, she called the police officer. She read the note to the guards and she explained the big mistake. The guards said the man was free. She needed to talk to the man and apologize because she felt guilty.--Desir&eactute;e

Oh my goodness, I felt so embarrassed. "I am so sorry, but I am afraid that I can't have lunch with you," I said. "That is too bad. Couldn't you think about it?" "No, thank you." I didn't want to be laughed at by my colleagues although that did happen to me! I won't forget it either.--Emily

At that time, I felt so sorry. He just wanted lunch with me. Probably he was a very shy man. I turned around and told the guards, "I'm very sorry. There is nothing wrong. I thought something would happen before, but now I know I just misunderstood. Please let him go." I told him, "I'd like to have lunch with you."--Li

I think the whole story was an overreaction. She needs to be relaxed and concentrate on what she is doing. She can also get into trouble with her supervisor. If it's true, it's okay. Otherwise, when she pushes the alarm, the guards might think it is a real robbery and pull their guns in front of the customers and someone could get shot.--Alice.

"Oh, my goodness! I'm sorry. I thought you were a robber but it's not good to approach me like that." Soon after that the man was released and asked her to have lunch together with him again. She was still nervous but she was interested in his behavior and thought it was an unforgettable experience. So she told him she would join him for lunch. After six months, they got married.--Keiko

After all these problems the man asked me about lunch again. He was very nice and I decided to go with him to a bar. He met me after my job and we went together. Unfortunately, while we were sitting in the bar, I realized he was a very strange person. I don't like this kind of person. They like to make unusual surprises and to shock very much. I don't like a relationship like an earthquake and I told him good-bye, but very gently.--Inna

The man was interested in meeting the woman. He liked her, but the woman didn't understtand what he wanted because she didn't read the note. After she read the note, she told the man that she was married, and she didn't want to have lunch with him. The man went out of the bank. This story very often happens in life.--David

When I read the note, I asked the guards not to hold the man and to the man I said, "I am sorry. I thought you were a robber. You are the first man who asked me to lunch. I want to eat right now with you." We went to a restaurant and had a good and long lunch. Many lunches. So I met my husband while I was working in the bank.--Yuriy

Today is my first day working at the bank. I had an accident. I was careless, excited and nervous, so next time I must act carefully and bravely. Let the time train me. Maybe in one or two months, I will get better and know how to handle the job.--May

I looked at the note and my face turned red. I was embarrassed. The guards let the man go. We apologized to him. I asked him for his phone number. He was embarrased, gave his number to me and then went away. One Sunday I was off. I called him and asked him out. After that we became good friends. Also, I'm not afraid someone might rob me. I enjoy my job.--Miao Ming