Write an Ending to the Story Working at the Bank.

The man said, "I'm sorry about that, but I'm not a thief." The guards saw the note and they knew that it was a mistake. Then I said sorry to the man. The man said, "Why didn't you read the note before you hit the alarm button? Is it because I look like a thief?"--Kathy

Just a second. I was watching the guards holding the man and taking him to the office. Then I yelled, "Wait. Wait." to them. The guards turned to me and said, "What's wrong?" I said, "I'm sorry, I just wasn't careful of the alarm button. He's my friend. We have a date today." The guards asked me, "Are you friends?" I said, "Yes, we are." The man smiled at me and said, "Of course we are."--Wen Rong

They thought the woman was so scared because she saw a lot of police movies before she started the job.--Pedro

I guess in this situation the guards will put the man next to the wall and look in the man's pocket, but they will not find anything from the man. Of course, the guards will let the man go.--Danny

I was so shocked and right away I went to the guards to tell them he is not a robber, he is a lover. I showed them the note. They read the note and they were laughing. The guard told him to go. I apologized to him.--Battur

The police asked the lady, "Why did you hit the alarm?" She said, "I thought he was a robber." Then the police said to the man, "We're sorry," and they left. Then the supervisor helped the man and he left.--Daisy

As soon as she read the note, she told the guard, "Let him free. Everything was a misunderstanding. I thought he was a robber but he isn't. Then she told him, "I'll accept your invitation and I'm so sorry for confusing you with a robber, but when I pushed the alarm, I didn't know what the note said."--Aminadub

I said, "Thank you for the invitation, but I'm sorry, I'm busy today. Let's postpone it for another day. Is that okay?"--Tanya

At that moment the whole bank was full of police. When I read the note I started to laugh, and nobody could understand what happened to me. I showed everybody that note, and the police left, but before they left they gave me a ticket. That was a good lesson for my whole life. How about that man? He is a really good person. Now we are married and have two beautiful kids. We fell in love and we always remember that story. It is very funny and really unusual.--Kseniya

"Thank you, it's a good idea. I'm sorry, I'm working right now. I must not go out of the work place. When I have a day off or free time, I can have lunch with you."--Oyungerel

I was very embarrassed about that situation. I always think bad things will happen when I'm working, like a robbery, but I never imagined a person would ask me to go to lunch this way. I apologized to the poor man, but I didn't go out for lunch with him because I don't like to go out with clients.--Guiliane

She was so ashamed and her face got red like a tomato but she didn't lose her brain. So finally she said to the man, who was in shock, "That was not the first time that a good-looking man did that to me, but the sad thing was that they always run away after giving me the letter. So just in case it will not happen like this again, I "called" the guards!:)--Nathalie

I was very sad. I went to the guards and showed them the note. They smiled and let this man go. This man met me after my job and we went together to the restaurant for dinner.--Lilianna

After that, the guards left the man and the lady. She said to the man, "I am so sorry." and she put a piece of paper under the teller window. It said, "What time would you like to go?"--Basel

The man yelled, "I am not a robber. I just want to say, Would you have lunch with me?" The guard was confused. "What's going on?" She said, "I'm sorry, he is not a robber. That's my mistake." The guard left them after that. They agreed to have lunch together.--Natsenet

"Yes, thank you sir." I was surprised about his note and I accepted with enthusiasm because at first I thought he was a robber, but instead he was a gentleman. His behavior was mysterious, and I like everything that is a mystery. I read a lot of mystery books and watch mystery movies so I was happy to have dinner with the unusual man and I was interested in knowing about his personality.--Giovanna

I sat down in my chair and wiped my sweat from my forehead. Fortunately, the man wasn't a robber. He was a homeless man and just wanted a lunch, but I thought I needed to find another job because luck isn't always with me.--Bond

"I have made a big mistake," she said to herself. At that moment, the man saw her and she gave the piece of paper to the police. The police took the man to the police station.--Victor

I was so sorry for the mistake but unfortunately the man got very scared too and never came back to the bank. I think I lost my future husband. I promised myself I'd never make this mistake again, acting before reading the note.--Maria

Everybody laughed. I felt very embarrassed and apologized to him. He smiled and said, "That's okay. This is a good exercise. You got experience in how to catch a robber. Don't be scared." "Why did you invite me to have lunch with you even though I don't know you? Who are you? " "You are so pure, so beautiful. I can't help myself. Would you have lunch with me?" I looked around and said, "Yes."--Feng Tran

When I read the note, I looked up at him and turned red. I was so embarrassed at that time. After that, I explained to the guards that it was a big mistake. I asked the man to please forgive me, and we went to have a fun lunch.--Karla

Naturally, the man would like to invite the teller to go to lunch with him, but the teller was thinking that man was a robber so she pushed the button for security. I think in my opinion the man would like to ask her to go out with him because he likes her. He really wanted to go out with her, but she got so scared I don't think she wants to go out with him, or he might try to explain it to her.--Jennie

This incident showed me that I've been prepared for an emergency situation since I started working as a teller in the bank. But I've never met a robber and I have seen the same situation at the movies.--Yuriy

After I read the note, I apologized to the man. "Sorry, I thought you were a robber." The man said, "Don't worry. I don't mind. Would you have lunch with me?" I said, "Thank you, but I'm having lunch with my boss because today is my first day working in a bank."--Li Peng

I think the man is single. He is alone. He wants to meet a girlfriend. One day he saw a beautiful girl working at the bank. He thought he would invite her to eat lunch, but he couldn't say that in the bank. He just wrote down the sentence on the note, and then came in to the teller window and gave the note to her.--Paul