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RE 184 Online Course Content

Course Content:

The course content of RE 184 ONLINE is contained on the Web, in an interface called Insight. Insight is now the standard interface for all online courses that are offered at City College of San Francisco. To orient yourself to Insight, please read all of the pages that are linked from the Main menu on the Insight homepage. In order to access the course content, you MUST be officially registered in the course.

Course instruction, discussions, assignments, quizzes, midterm examination will be online but the final examination is required to be held on-campus. You will use the textbook for the readings and chapter exercises. The course week begins on a Tuesday and ends on a Monday. Assignments and quizzes will be due by 11:00 PM, Mondays - these dates are listed on each session's assignment page.

Important note: if you do not login by the third day of the start of the course, your name will be dropped from the roster and the next person on the waitlist will move into the opened space.

The textbook for this course is California Real Estate Practice, Pivar, Dearborn, 8th Edition, 2013, ISBN# 9781427744029. The study guide is not required for the online class.

The course consists of:

  • Session 1 - Getting Started in Real Estate
  • Session 2 - Ethics, Fair Housing, And Trust Funds
  • Session 3 - Mandatory Disclosures
  • Session 4 - Prospecting
  • Session 5 - Listing Presentation Package
  • Session 6 - Listing Presentations
  • Session 7 - Servicing the Listing
  • Session 8 - Advertising
  • Session 9 - The Buyer and the Property Showing
  • Session 10 - Obtaining the Offer and Creating the Sales Agreement
  • Session 11 - From Offer to Closing
  • Session 12 - Real Estate Financing
  • Session 13 - Escrow and Title Insurance
  • Session 14 - Taxation
  • Session 15 - Property Management and Leasing