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RE 184 Online Registration


I cannot register you for this course. You must register through CCSF.

Should the class reach maximum enrollment during the registration period, then you may place your name on the CCSF wait list for this class.

Question: How does the wait list work?
Answer: During the pre-registration period, prior to the start of school, when a wait listed section is full (CLOSED) students will have the choice of being added to the wait list for that course.

Question: How will students know when they have been added to the class off the wait list?
Answer: Students will be sent an email. It is important that the email address provided to City College during the application process is correct.

For detailed wait list information, go to this page.

During the first weeks of the semester some students drop the class or are no-shows. After the semester starts you would need to send me an email at rlsmith@ccsf.edu requesting an add code. I will send you an add code if there is room in the class.

Students enrolled in online classes will receive an email to their student CCSF mail account from insight@ccsf.edu with login and password information. Login/password information will be sent one or two days before the first day of the course.