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Training Instructor 1B
Bill Long
Telephone: (650) 821-0211
E-mail: Use internal e-mail
Web Site:
Students with disabilities: http://www.ccsf.edu/Services/DSPS/welcome/online.htm
Course Description
This is the first of a three course series.
Topics include:
Methods and techniques for training in accordance with the latest concepts in career education; selecting, adapting, organizing, and using instructional materials appropriate for teaching psychomotor lessons; criteria and methods to evaluate teaching and learning efficiency; and an opportunity to apply major principles of learning through teaching demonstrations.
Two student instructor teaching demonstrations are required.

Fire Service Instructor: Principles & Practice, 2009 Ed. ISBN: 9780763749101
(available at CCSF Bookstore)

The course grade is based on the following elements:

  • Group Projects in class and class participation
  • Movie review (due third class meeting)
  • Teaching Demonstrations:
    • Teaching demonstration #1 Psychomotor Lesson (15 minutes)
    • Teaching demonstration #2 Psychomotor Lesson (15 minutes)
  • Evaluate fellow classmates as Primary (2) and Secondary evaluator (2)
  • Formative quizzes (3) & Summative final Exam

Note: Grades for each element will be determined according to the following percentages A=100% to 90% B=89% to 80% C=79% to 70 D=69% to 65% F=64 and below
Certificate from the California State Fire Marshal's Office
Two Units of College Credit
Meets partial requirements for the Fire Officer & Training Instructor certificates
No absences are allowed. Contact the instructor for personal emergencies that  will require the you to be late via phone or class e-mail. If the instructor is not contacted, you will be withdrawn from the course.
Required Software
Power point viewer
PDF reader
PDF creator (convert files for submitting homework via online)

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