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How do computers work?

Diane's Podcast

podcast 16 worksheet 2: Places in the Neighborhood

podcast 16 worksheet 1: Places in the Neighborhood

podcast 14 worksheet: Where's the bus stop?

podcast 13 worksheet: Let's Go Shopping Again

podcast 12 worksheet: Can I take a message?

podcast 11 worksheet: What time do you wake up?

podcast 10 worksheet: What's Your Address

podcast 9 worksheet: Your New Teacher

podcast 8 worksheet: Shopping Day

podcast 7 worksheet: A Doctor's Appointment

podcast 6 worksheet: Jonathan's Job

podcast 5 worksheet: At the Bank

podcast 4 worksheet: What are you going to do over the break?

podcast 3 worksheet: Shopping for clothes at Mervyn's

podcast 2 worksheet: Do you need anything from the store?

podcast 1 worksheet: What do you do?

Free Online Typing Program

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Larry Ferlazzo's site

ESL Flashcards

English, baby!





Purdue University - Writing


Texas A& M Teacher Resources


ESL Pod is a great listening site for students.



Atlapedia has info. and maps for every country !


Diane's Power Point

Power Point 1: Where are they from?

Clarissa's ESL Blog

Grammar Video Lessons

Chalk and Talk Grammar Video Lessons
EL Civics for ESL Students

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Low Level VESL

Cover Letter

The Learning Edge: Workplace Issues

Job Interview: Business English