City College of San Francisco - CS260A
Unix/Linux System Administration

Modules: Table of Contents

CS260a Online Notes - Modules

  1. Unix Review
  2. Basic Commands for Systems Administration (part one)
  3. Basic Commands for Systems Administration (part two)
  4. Virtual Machines and Root Privileges
  5. ssh and Essential Privileged Commands
  6. Restricting Privileges and System Logging
  7. Processes
  8. Users and Authentication
  9. Startup and Shutdown (part one)
  10. Startup and Shutdown (part two)
  11. Startup and Shutdown (part three) - RH7
  12. The Filesystem (part one)
  13. The Filesystem (part two)
  14. The Filesystem (part three)
  15. Archiving and Package Installations
  16. Periodic Processes
  17. Default Servers and the Firewall and Review
  18. Final Exam

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