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Add these to the modified basic routine for the basic workout

Exercise Intermediate Full
Spine Stretch Forward Sit slight straddle, feet flexed, knees bent, torso up, hands on floor in front. Sit slight straddle, knees straight, feet flexed, torso up, hands on floor.
  Exhale round forward. Inhale at bottom, exhale roll up, inhale to straighten. Do three times.
Open-Leg Rocker Sit feet together, knees out. Grasp backs of thighs. Roll back to balance. Sit feet together, knees out. With arms between thighs, grasp ankle, thumb inside.
  Roll back to balance. Extend one leg at a time to practice, then lift one at a time and hold. Inhale rock back to shoulders, exhale rock up. Do six times.
Corkscrew On back, legs extended upward, arms at sides, palms on mat. Anchor back to mat. Inhale circle side & down. Exhale side & up. Three times each direction.
Saw Sit straddle, knees bent. Sit straddle, knees straight.
  Arms abducted. Inhale rotate to one side, exhale and reach across foot with front hand, reach back with the other. Inhale up, exhale back to center. Three times each side.
Side Kick Preparation: lie on side, elbow, shoulders and hips in a line. Flex hips, keeping knees straight, so feet are about 2 feet in front. Bottom hand cradles head. Top hand rests lightly in front of abdomen. Do three times each side.
  Front-Back Kicks Inhale, swing top leg forward from hip, retract slightly, then exhale and swing to the back.
  Abduction Inhale, abduct top leg. Exhale and squeeze leg back down.
  Circles Inhale, swing leg forward and up, exhale, swing down and home. Reverse.
  Adduction Bend top knee, place foot on floor, and hold ankle with top hand. Lift bottom leg, hold and lower. Lift and circle, reverse and lower.
Teaser Lie on back, knees bent, feet on floor. Inhale, round up, exhale down. Lie on back, legs straight. Raise legs to challenging position, and take curled-up position with upper body. Raise arms in parallel line with legs. Inhale, roll forward and upward, balancing on your glutes. Exhale and lower.
Seal Sit, legs in butterfly position, arms inside legs, hands cupping ankles. Sit back and balance on tailbone. Inhale, clap feet twice and rock back to shoulders. Exhale, clap feet twice and rock back up.
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